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Formula 1 news: Esteban Ocon learnt a lot from Alonso in their first season as partners at Alpine

F1 news: Esteban Ocon learned a great deal from Fernando Alonso in their first season as companions in the Alpine squad.


Formula 1 news: It was the first season of French driver Esteban Ocon together with Alonso Fernando as teammates. Ocon said he learned “quite a lot” from the Spanish driver as he partnered him in Formula 1 the last season. The two-times world title champion Fernando came back to the racing track in 2021 after a couple of seasons.

Ocon scored his maiden Grand Prix success by seizing an unexpected victory at the Grand Prix in Hungary. Alonso helped him by somehow impeding Hamilton’s charge with a stunning defensive gameshow.

Both the drivers enabled Alpine to obtain the 5th position in the constructors’ championship’s final standings. Both racers seemed to acknowledge a compatible connection on the track as well as in real life.

Regarding his Hungary win, Ocon said that the warnings he got about the probable difficulties he could face because of Fernando in the team turned out to be false. He acclaimed their promising courtship.

F1 news: Ocon learned a lot from Alonso in their first season as partners
F1 news: Ocon learned a lot from Alonso in their first season as partners

Ocon told about their partnership when expressing his thoughts about the previous season. Ocon believed both of them kept a “fantastic collaboration” jointly. Esteban said the companionship enabled him to learn a significant lot of stuff that benefited him to boost his sport.

Formula 1 news: Ocon praises Alonso for helping him at Alpine

He praised Alonso as a racer saying that he was outstanding and one of the quickest teammates he had ever got.
Ocon said, “I was very happy to work alongside him, but I have learned a lot alongside him. I think just the way Fernando thinks out of the box where some other drivers would not think about.”

It depends on how much a player can push his limits regarding his strategy to enhance everything in his game. And on those terms, he said he undoubtedly learned a lot from him.
Moreover, he had picked many things from his partner. He even said Alonso’s first lap strategy was amazing and he had been following it.

This season, he followed all that Alonso had always been doing does and after that, he did not lose any position. He achieved incredible first laps.
He called Fernando a ‘legend’ and said it was his privilege to work along with him as a partner.

Even Alonso had conveyed his admiration and appreciation for Ocon after their first season as teammates. He said that Ocon’s speed helped him gain back his momentum after two sabbatical years.

The couple had completed with a draw of 11-11 in qualifying. However, in the final standings, Alonso was ahead of Ocon by seven points.

Ocon said he had put Alonso as a reference when the year began. And, he was glad to see that both of them were corresponding in terms of their paces. Therefore, they both pushed each other for the better.

He explained that as the season ended, gave the Alpine the utmost that they could have. They both seized the maximum out of their abilities in most of the instances. And, he said, that was “good”.