Formula 1 news: F1 has announced a code of conduct for Russian drivers


Formula 1 news: Formula one has announced restrictions for Russians following which they will be allowed to compete this year. The restrictions will control the logos, social media, and comments they will make.

The Russian Grand Prix was cancelled after Russian president Vladimir Putin’s act of war against Ukraine by formula one. While all the events to be held there are cancelled. The drivers from Russia and Belarus would be allowed to take part in such international competitions. Only if they remain according to the restrictions announced by the FIA.

According to the restrictions announced by FIA the athletes are not allowed to do a few things such as displaying the national symbols, colours or flags of Belarus and Russia in public. Even displaying on social media is banned. The display of flags, emblems, etc on the uniform, clothing, accessories, etc is also banned.

Playing the national anthem of Russia or Belarus is also banned and prejudicial actions or comments against the FIA, especially those in F1 who support the act of war by Russia are banned too.

Formula 1 news: F1 has announced a code of conduct for Russian drivers
Formula 1 news: F1 has announced a code of conduct for Russian drivers

Although FIA also announced that it has the right to implement any further actions in future. Especially in consideration of the situation in Ukraine. This will be in accordance with FIA’s obligations under any applicable sanctions regime and/or any contracts according to which FIA is a party.

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Moreover, a warning has been given. If the association has to take any tough measures the drivers can still be stopped from participating in the event. The drivers have also been made to sign a document according to which they acknowledge and accept that The FIA ​​can take further steps.

They can make further decisions regarding participation in eligible events in light of ongoing conflicts in Ukraine. This includes the right to refuse or prevent participation in any event.

While Formula one is allowing drivers from Russia and Belarus to participate, other national motorsport authorities have banned them from participating in any event. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

For instance, motorsport UK banned drivers from Russia to participate in any event held there. Similarly the DMSB, the motorsport federation of Germany, also announced that Russian and Belarus drivers are banned from competing in any events organised there.

The president of DMSB said that they are doing so to increase international in Moscow. In accordance with that, the acts of war come to an end. Politics and sports are two different things that should be kept apart.

Sports are a universal emotion that transcends caste, creed, and state lines. To reach a peaceful settlement, countries should work together. Prohibiting Russian drivers is not a solution; it will just exacerbate the chaos.

He believes that sport builds bridges. Due to a situation such as these which is totally caused by Russia, they have to adopt such measures in order to give a message.

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