Formula 1 news: F1 teams have been allowed to increase 3 kg Weight


Formula 1 news: Formula one teams have been allowed to increase 3 kg of weight. As the formula one team was struggling to lower the weight of the car, FIA has now allowed the weight to increase but by only a small amount.

Despite the fact that the weight allowed this year is 795 kilograms which is 43 kilograms of increase as compared to the previous season, the teams are facing difficulties to make the car within the allowed limit because of the new 18-inch tire and stiffer suspensions.

Many teams have been facing this problem, among which one was Red Bull. Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, said that RB – 18 has only one problem that is its weight. Although he feels that every team has the same problem, which is not true completely.

Alfa Romeo’s C42 is within the allowed range and McLaren’s MCL36 is only a few kilograms heavier. Hence, nine teams out of the total ten requested FIA to reduce weight and as a result, the FIA allowed the increase by only a few kilograms.

Formula 1 news: F1 teams have been allowed to increase 3 kg Weight
Formula 1 news: F1 teams have been allowed to increase 3 kg Weight

Formula 1 news: There are rumors that same cars weighs in double digits

Hence after the special request of nine formula one teams, the FIA gave them a very small increase of 3 kilograms for the minimum weight of cars. It is rumored that some cars’ weight is greater in double digits and teams even asked for 10-15 kgs of increase, but FIA was determined on its policy because of the .budget cap regulation.

According to the report ‘Following a request from nine of the ten Formula One team, the FIA has decided to increase the minimum weight of the cars by three kilograms from the initial 795 kg,’ says the FIA. This was the just of the entire report.

The three kgs are given for the following reasons:

.1 kg for the tires

.1 kg for the new wheel covers

.Remaining 1 kg for the reinforcement needed this year for the floors and suspensions. Also, the new weight limit will be confirmed and guaranteed in Bahrain.

The 2022 season has witnessed a lot of new innovations and guidelines. This makes the new season of Formula One racing Unique in itself. The FIA is ensuring that all teams are aware of the new rules. They’ve made it plain that any team that violates the regulation will be penalized. The teams had the opportunity to try new things for the 2022 season. This season is akin to F1‘s rebuilding.

For many average teams, the 2022 season might be a game-changer. The rulebook revisions may be advantageous to the team. They can take advantage of the opportunity to return to the top. They can put up a good fight against other teams if they focus their efforts in the proper direction.

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