Formula 1 news: Ferrari asks for regulations on F1 car’s mirror design


Formula 1 news: Ferrari asks for regulations on the Formula 1 car’s mirror design. Ferrari is afraid that Mercedes’ new mirror design can trigger a new set of spaceship designs in formula one cars.

Mercedes worked upon its sidepods overhaul of its new W13 and also worked upon the arrangements surrounding its mirrors. Mercedes has created mounts to create vanes on the cockpit side.

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari’s team principal, has questioned Mercedes design as their mirror design is exploiting an aerodynamical advantage. It is also somewhere against the FIA rules. The 2022 season is like the reconstruction of F1.

He said that he was surprised when he saw the mirror design and he didn’t expect that. He believes that this issue should be addressed for the future of the sport. As teams have already suggested in the past that mirror design shouldn’t give any aerodynamical advantage to the car. It should be used only for one purpose is to look behind.

Formula 1 news: Ferrari asks for regulations on F1 car's mirror design
Formula 1 news: Ferrari asks for regulations on F1 car’s mirror design

When Ferrari’s team principal was asked about his thoughts on Mercedes changes he said “I find them quite surprising. it is something that we are not expecting. I think in the spirit of that, it is something that I think for the future needs to be addressed.

“Already in the past, we always argue the mirrors should not have any aero purpose. They should be there just to look behind. Binotto added

Fomula 1 news: Binotto is certain that Mercedes’ mirror design is an advantage to the team

He is certain that Mercedes‘ mirror design has a hundred percent aerodynamical advantage to it and it should be stopped because such actions will have risks in the future as due to this all teams will start designing their formula one cars as spaceships, according to Binotto.

He appreciated that they found a solution to a problem but wishes that for the future of the sport, there’s a great need to discuss this issue. Although he didn’t have any problems with the sidepods design.

Binotto also praised their car design and said that the car is great and there’s no doubt in that and has a very good concept. He added that the car’s layout is interesting and even the sidepods are well designed.

He concluded by saying ” “I think that the way that they have designed their car, certainly there is a significant aero purpose in the mirrors itself. I think it is something that we need to stop for the future, no doubt because the risk is that we will come in the future, that all the teams will start designing mirrors, that will look like spaceships.

According to the current regulation of the FIA on this issue, the aerodynamical effect by any part of the car is mort probably incidental and this won’t be considered a part of the car’s body.

Moreover, any design to increase the aerodynamical influence of the car is not allowed. Binotto also said that what Mercedes is doing is not at all illegal. Red Bull has also taken back their statements regarding Mercedes’ flawed sidepods.

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