Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Formula 1 News: Ferrari boss says team “never compromised” 2022 challenger

Formula 1 News: Confident Binotto says the 2021 Ferrari car was never fully developed as the full focus was on 2022.


Formula 1 news: Throwback to the 2020 F1 season. Ferrari came into the Corona-hit season with a *slight* drop in power. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, listen to this – the Scuderia had been a rocketship in the straight line back in 2019. So much so, that it raised a lot of eyebrows, especially from the Mercedes camp.

Soon after, the FIA investigated and found something unusual. Well, they say they didn’t, but come on, who are we kidding. The unusual here was never mentioned in public, but it was evident that there was something illegal if you may, because suddenly, that massive straight-line advantage disappeared.

Furthermore, Ferrari’s 2020 campaign got screwed up by a long mile. The reliability was never there, Sebastian wasn’t given any support in particular. And who can even forget that absolutely horrendous Italian GP weekend.

The Prancing Horse came into the 2021 season with fresh hopes and a fresh face – Carlos Sainz Jr replacing Vettel. The team had finished in sixth position I think it was last year, so it obviously had to do a lot better this year. Although to be honest, it looked like parts of 2020 all over again as the results weren’t really coming. Until they were…

Formula 1 news: Ferrari now in a much happier and stronger place

The team will be honest – the results did take time to come, but once they started coming, they never stopped! Star driver Charles Leclerc was the favorite to take the Scuderia to glory, as the team completed 14 years in 2021 without winning the Drivers’ Championship. But it was made pretty clear that Ferrari neither had the speed, nor the pace to challenge the Silver Arrows and the Bulls.

When we talk about Leclerc, I don’t think that he was ready either. The Monegasque has been outpaced by his teammate several times already this season, in just his debut season for the team. Maybe he is feeling what Sebastian felt when Charles suddenly stole the thunder. Who knows.

What we do know is that Ferrari is now in a much better shape, place, you name it, than ever before. At least in recent times. The team is so quick, consistent, pacey, that boss Mattia Binotto is proudly stating that “We never really developed the current car.” Quite the audacity, I must tell you. Although I would still like to advise the Tifosis to not keep high hopes and any expectations.

We introduced a couple of developments at the very start of the season and that’s it,” Binotto added. “Except for the power unit later, all our efforts from the very start of the season have always been the 2022 car. We never compromised it. So let’s say that it never came into our mind to penalize 2022 at the benefit of 2021.”

Formula 1 news: Binotto says external factors also responsible for the resurgence

I think if today we are reaching third place it’s because the team, the way they are working at various weekends has certainly improved a lot since the start of the season and not because the car itself has developed,” he added.

It has made a lot of progress in terms of strategy, the way we manage, the communication with the drivers, the understanding of what we are doing. It has improved a lot in terms of tyre management.”

All said and done, Mattia has clearly stated that what the team had to learn this year, has. Moreover, taking into consideration that the car is not being developed anymore, the team can also not wait for the season to get over. I feel there’s something seriously great about the next year’s machine that Ferrari is hiding from everybody as we speak. We have seen just how good the PU has become, so it’s only a matter of a few months before we get to see a rejuvenated Prancing Horse. Fingers crossed.


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