Formula 1 news: Ferrari is all set to test its beast at Bahrain


Formula 1 news: Ferrari is prepared to bring its F1-75 for the formula one test in Bahrain. They have made many notable changes in their beast. They are affirmative about winning this year.

After a successful test in Barcelona, Spain, Ferrari is all set to bring its car to the next test without any major changes. Despite its rivals, Mercedes and Red Bull are rumored to come with major changes.

Ferrari was among the top teams as both their drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc were mostly at the top of the timesheets. The 2022 season for Ferrari has the potential to be a game-changer. The team may benefit from the rulebook amendments.

They can seize the opportunity to reclaim their position at the top. They can compete with other teams if they direct their efforts in the right direction. The FIA is ensuring that all teams take the new F1 restrictions seriously.

Formula 1 news: Ferrari is all set to test its beast at Bahrain
Formula 1 news: Ferrari is all set to test its beast at Bahrain

They’ve made it clear that if any team breaks the rule, they’ll face penalties. The season 2022 has provided the teams with an opportunity to try new things. This season is similar to the rebuilding of Formula One.

Formula 1 news: Ferrari has made many notable changes in the designs

With other teams expected to bring some big upgrades. It could become difficult for Ferrari to compete with them as it is going majorly unchanged. F1-75 looked way better as compared to its rivals in the first test and Mattia Binotto, team principal of Ferrari, is aware of the potential of Red Bull and Mercedes.

He has high hopes that F1-75 will perform even better than last time and outshine other teams. It is believed that the top two teams Mercedes and Red Bull are waiting to show their major developments in the engine in Bahrain. They plan to dominate and defeat the other teams.

Ferrari’s team principal also said that they are far away from getting into their best performance. They were far away from their best was not only because of the fact they are running high fuel and are not having the best engine but also due to the reason that there’s a lot left to exploit in the car.

He also told that Ferrari has concerned about the developments their rivals will make and believes that they’ll be very strong in Bahrain. Ferrari is currently working upon the driving style and the driver experience.

He also talked about how they have been collecting data about the car. It is important to learn about the car. They are trying to ready that car in all terms and are trying to understand the relation between the wind tunnel and the simulator.

Ferrari has made many noticeable innovations for the 2022 season. In 2017, Ferrari introduced the high inlet style (shown above), which was quickly adopted by the grid. It was featured on every vehicle last season.

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