Thursday, January 27, 2022

Formula 1 news: FIA’s inquiry over Abu Dhabi fiasco underway ahead of 2022 campaign

Formula 1 news: The 2022 season and future in F1 still remains uncertain for Mercedes superstar Lewis Hamilton.


Formula 1 news: F1’s governing body FIA plans to complete its investigation on the Abu Dhabi case by early February at the latest, and also wishes to have a word with all parties involved.

The formal investigation of the case began on 9th January and the investigating team is set to interview each individual involved in the controversy, including race director Michael Masi, drivers, stewards and team representatives.

The FIA secretary-general of motorsport, Peter Bayer is in charge of heading up the process. Stewards have been reported to have submitted their report the week after the race.

The newly elected President of FIA, Mohammed Ben Sulayem is seen to be personally involved in taking charge of the case and addressing it as an utmost urgent issue from the headquarters of its governing body in Geneva. Currently, the governing body is in transition with Jean Todt’s presidency which is ending in the next few days after the finale of Abu Dhabi.

It has been ensured by an FIA spokesperson that the survey will be objective, thorough and transparent. In high anticipation, the concerned personals hope to complete the controversy behind the case in time before the next World Motor Council meeting which is to be held on February 3 at the earliest.

After long discussions by FIA with Mercedes, FIA has confirmed to conduct an “analysis and clarification exercise” three days after the finale in Abu Dhabi.

Despite its withdrawal from the appeal of the outcome of the race, Mercedes remained hugely appalled and angered at Masi’s handling of the Safety Car period which resulted in a series of events, especially with Lewis Hamilton losing the world title to Max Verstappen on the final lap.

Formula 1 news: Lewis Hamilton’s bleak possibility on a return

Currently, Lewis Hamilton’s return depends on the findings of the last lap controversy at Abu Dhabi. The outcome of this investigation is considered to be the key resolution to his return.

However, Hamilton has not once spoken in public ever since he congratulated Verstappen in a brief interview in the first aftermath of the race. His only comment on the final corner of the race was “this was manipulated”, to a race engineer in a radio show.

It was revealed by Mercedes boss Toto Wolff that four days after the race, the Britons felt undoubtedly baffled at what was deployed and stressed the fact that he could not guarantee any per cent on Hamilton’s return to F1.

Wolff commented, “I would very much hope Lewis continues racing because he is the greatest driver of all time.

As a racer, his heart will say I need to continue because he’s at the peak of his game. But we have to overcome the pain that was caused by him on Sunday. He is a man with clear values.

Wolff further made it clear that Mercedes would hold FIA responsible for their statements on conducting a proper review discussion with the drivers and teams.