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Formula 1 News: Haas F1 boss thinks his team will be battling for points next season

Formula 1 News: Guenther Steiner thinks that Mick Schumacher & Nikita Mazepin will be able to score points next season.


Formula 1 news: It’s quite a big ask and task if you ask me. However, Guenther Steiner thinks that his Haas team would most certainly be fighting for points, once it reveals its 2022 challenger.

F1 is introducing new rules and technical regs next year, and Steiner says that considering the progress of the VF-21 last time out in Turkey, the ground lost to rivals teams will soon be regained again.

Thanks to all of the focus on next year’s machine, the current car has had little to no development over time, a decision that has hurt the team a lot.

However, knowing that Mick’s entry into Q2 was on pure merit, there’s now a lot of confidence that the team can do a lot better.

Formula 1 news: What does Guenther have to say?

That was my personal greatest satisfaction, to see how the team executed in Turkey. Mick was very calm, his race engineer did a great job, always staying calm.”

Everything was done good, and it shows that you just have to keep on going. If we’ll get a better car in 2022, the team is ready to get some points.”

Important to point that up until the clash between Mick and Alonso, it was all looking good for the German.

Guenther was also pleased with how Mazepin’s weekend went, especially when you consider that currently, he is being managed by Ayao Komatsu, Haas’ director of engineering and former race engineer for Romain Grosjean.

Mazepin’s regular race engineer, Dominic Haines, is all set to miss the US GP too, due to “personal matters”, but is expected to return just in time for Mexico.

Formula 1 news: Will the future be like how Guenther is imagining it would be?

Time will tell, but if you factor in the results so far this year, Nikita Mazepin is certainly not the guy who would give you your first points of the season.

After all, he is a driver who’s 21st in a 20-driver championship as things currently stand. Need any more reasons?

Mick Schumacher, on the other hand, we’ve all heard how well he usually fares in his second season. If that’s the case, the German would be one of the many to watch out for.

I personally feel that it would be a hard task, to challenge for points. Williams, Alfa, all will be developing and become quicker too, so I feel it depends on the team’s luck.

Haas is a US-based team that made its F1 debut in 2016. Ever since then, the team has racked up several points but has also fallen back by some margin in recent years.

I, for one, would be rooting for Haas to score next year, because Mick Schumacher deserves happiness. What about you?


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