Formula 1 news: “Hamilton won’t quit this easy”, says FIA president Ben Sulayem


Formula 1 news: Last month, Ben Sulayem had been elected as the new FIA president. He has already made a lot of changes to the F1 rule book, to make sure that whatever happened in Abu Dhabi never reoccur.

Lewis Hamilton is the only person after Michael Schumacher who has conquered 7 world titles. He is extremely close to clenching the 8th title too. The luck was not with him in Abu Dhabi due to unfortunate events he was not able to pit for fresher rubber. He was overtaken by Max at the last lap of the 2021 season.

Mercedes and many of his fans started petitions in demand of restarting the procedure. Event the FIA announced that it would launch a thorough investigation into the matter.

Lewis has not made any public appearance since the race. He is not even active on any of his social media accounts and has not posted anything about the race yet.

Formula 1 news: FIA chief dismisses Hamilton’s potential retirement

During a press conference Ben  Sulayem, the new FIA president was asked, that if he is afraid that Lewis may not Race again. Ben gave a confident reply to this “ No I don’t think he will quit this easy”.

I’ll ask your question: did Lewis declare that he’s not going to race? No. Exactly. Being a driver, you declare yourself, you don’t let the rumours [talk]” he added.

According to Ben Suleman, he reached out to Hamilton but didn’t hear anything back from him yet. He said that he understands his position and realises that he is on a different level but he believes that there is also a basic rule which is not particular to any driver or team for him.

These are general rules according to him that everyone should respect the integrity of the FIA and he also added that he cannot judge anyone unless he gets the correct facts.  He further said that not being present at the Gala dinner is a big thing and it would be something that Lewis and the team knew about.

Everyone is a human at the end of the day and there has been a lot of stress and pressure. In the end, he just said that he is very confident that things will be sorted out as they cannot think of the past because they are the people of the future.

FIA chief opens on highly-anticiapted future of F1

When Ben Suleman was asked about the incident in Abu Dhabi he said that it is his job that he protects the integrity of FIA but that doesn’t mean that they won’t look into their regulations and make any improvements, id required. He further added that the rules are not a book of god but are written by humans, so they can be changed and improved by humans.

“I’m confident that Lewis will return. Lewis is a big part of motorsport, and of course of Formula 1, the new era [can add to] Lewis’s wins and achievements, and also Verstappen is there.

“I am very confident that you will see a very challenging Formula 1 season next year.”

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