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Formula 1 News: Kyalami seeks an early 2023 confirmation for the South African GP

Formula 1 News: Kyalami Circuit officials want an early 2023 confirmation for the South African Grand Prix

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Formula 1 news: There are talks going on regarding a return of a race in Africa for quite some time now. Warren Scheckter, the CEO of the South African Grand Prix says Kyalami is “ready” to bring F1 back to the nation in 2023.

Ever since Liberty Media and current CEO Stefano Domenicali took charge of planning the schedule, both parties have been pushing to introduce new markets and races.

One of which is Africa. The continent, as it seems, hasn’t hosted an F1 event since the 1993 South African Grand Prix.

Should things go the Kyalami way, all the circuit needs is a promotion from Grade 2 status to Grade 1. The only bit remaining is a visit from the FIA officials.

Formula 1 news: How important is for Kyalami to host a race again?

In the true words of none other than Lewis Hamilton himself, “To have a full world championship, we would have to race in Africa again.”

He is not wrong, you see. The Kyalami circuit which happens to be outside Johannesburg, South Africa, is a great track to look at. The debate of whether or not it’ll be an engaging race is for some other day.

Circuit owner Toby Venter is said to be in constant touch with the authorities of F1. “We want to have a race in Africa, and we want someone to pay for it. Even if the money is not there, the race will happen. And, if F1 is desperate to race in Africa, even without the money, we have the track.”

Another added benefit is that the circuit is already a world-class facility, all it needs is a minor revision.

“The most important thing is that it’s safer than a street circuit, too. The FIA would need to come over for inspection, and they’ll ask for some upgrades like installing the sport’s hi-tech barriers. We’ll also need to work on some more run-off areas and make it safer here and there.”

It is also understood that Kyalami is not the only option in the race to secure F1’s return to South Africa. You also have street circuits in Cape Town, Durban. However, owing to the lack of funds, that might not happen.

“Compared to the city circuits identified, the most sensible choice remains Kyalami, for its history and for its immediate availability to host this event,” said Warren.

“In recent years, starting with Chase Carey, we have welcomed the top management of F1 with visits to the racetrack, encouraging the meeting of the latter with the members of our Government to start negotiations.”

Formula 1 news: Will F1 return to South Africa?

By the looks of it, yes. F1 has already added circuits in Miami, Saudi Arabia, to its ‘special’ list, so a race in South Africa wouldn’t hurt its chances as it continues to grow its calendar.

We are ready: next year, we will discuss again the opportunity to bring F1 back to South Africa, to make the return official at the beginning of 2023.” Just wait and watch, folks.


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