Formula 1 news: Lando Norris heaps praise on former teammate Carlos Sainz


Formula 1 news: Lando Norris thinks that people are realizing the capability of Carlos Saint Jr. after his move to Ferrari. Norris believes that he was in his ex formula 1 teammate’s “shadow” at McLaren.

Carlos performed well for McLaren yet he went to Ferrari in the 2021 season and replaced Sebastian Vettel. Norris partnered with him for two years before Sainz had one of his most successful F1 seasons at Ferrari where he ended up with more points than Norris and Leclerc.

He had an amazing season as he scored four podium finishes at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. His performance in the last season has even started talks for an extended contract with Ferrari beyond its current period i.e at the end of 2022 Formula 1.

Formula 1 news: Sainz’s views on his debut season at Ferrari

When Sainz was asked about his debut season at Ferrari he said that I couldn’t have asked for more to be honest, especially the podium. “The whole race today was just a matter of putting everything together, everything I’ve learned through the year, the way that I’ve progressed with a team in executing a good race,” he added.

Formula 1: "Carlos's  perforamce shadowed me a bit"Norris
Formula 1: “Carlos’s performance shadowed me a bit”Norris

According to Norris, Sainz is an extremely good driver of Formula 1. When he partnered with him, he didn’t look so good because of his amazing capabilities. The abilities people are releasing even more now.

As he always did a great job, Norris believes that he was under his shadow.

Norris’s contract was extended at McLaren in May with Sainz being replaced by Daniel Ricciardo. Norris, on the arrival of the skilled Australian driver, said that he wasn’t nervous about him.

He said that ” I didn’t feel nervous in any way when he came. A lot of people thought maybe I did or asked the question because he’s a multiple race winner he’s got podiums”.

He believed that it was a motivation for him to prove himself against Daniel and he even ended up scoring more points than him.

Formula 1 news: Lando and Sainz’s Bromance

Lando and Carlos’s bromance is one of the most highlighted friendship duos in F1. They met each other at Mac Lauren in 2019 and have been best friends ever since. They were often captured together after the race laughing and giggling. Their Duo was often remarked upon during season 19 and season 20.

Their closeness and friendship are not just evident on the field, their off Feild chemistry is quite strong too. They share a common interest which was playing golf. They often played golf together on holidays and free time. Their common love for golf surely made them more close to each other.

Their fans affectionately call them ‘Carlando’. Carlos has now left McLaren and has joined Ferrari, but has managed to stay good friends with Norris. They are often seen spending time together during the race. Orlando is often captured playing Golf together.

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