Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Formula 1 News: Lando Norris says 2022 F1 cars will behave like F2 machines

Formula 1 News: Norris feels next year's cars will drive on the edge like the F2 machines and feel a lot different compared to 2021 cars


Formula 1 news: Back in July this year, F1 revealed its all-new 2022 car. The rules were set to go in place this year, but thanks to you-know-what, they got delayed and in turn, we have the closest title battle in a long, long time.

The 2022 Formula 1 machine looks simpler, cooler, and should result in some closer and better racing, at least that’s what the technical gurus feel.

Now, I can’t seem to find the quotes, but I do know that I did hear a lot of drivers stating their unhappiness over the next year’s car and how they don’t think the racing would be getting any closer.

Thanks to a new aero platform, a huge dip in downforce levels, and some new tyres, changes are aplenty for 2022, and Lando Norris thinks that’s where the problem lies…

Formula 1 news: “It’s a very different car to drive. In a way not as nice as this season”, explains Norris

McLaren star Norris has already driven the 2022 car several times on simulator, and he’s of the thought that it drives on the edge just like the F2 machinery: “A little bit like F2 in a way, I think, where you see more fighting the car and stuff.”

It’s like what I drove one month ago is going to be quite very different to what I drive now, and it’s going be very different probably again when we get to the first race.

Owing to the deletion of the really complicated bargeboards and front wings, most of next year’s car’s downforce will be generated via the ground effect, which Norris feels is quite different from what he is used to now.

Everything that they are doing for next year is because they want to try to make the cars better to race and so on. But of course, if there’s less dirty air while following, there is also less slipstream. It’s like gaining in one area and then losing in another because they are quite related to each other. So I hope it’s better.”

Formula 1 news: Carlos Sainz feels the same

The Ferrari driver says that he understands what Norris feels about next year’s car, but also points out that he cannot talk about how his car feels compared to Lando’s (or any other car for that matter).

This is the million-dollar question that there is around the paddock. We know how our car feels, and between drivers, we are like, ‘how does yours feel?’ It is going to be a big change, and maybe we are, between each other, kind of starting to accept that this is going to be quite a change.

In other news…

Lando Norris announced yesterday that he will be shifting residences from the UK to Monaco by the end of this year/the start of next year. He feels that the timing when you consider his career and finances, couldn’t be better.

“It’s something that obviously a lot of drivers going to do and especially, with how racing is, I think we’ve seen for other drivers how quickly things can also go downhill and so on. I have to look after my things for my future,” said Lando.


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