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Formula 1 News: Lawrence Stroll hopes Sebastian Vettel stays with the Aston Martin “forever”

Formula 1 News: Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll hopes Vettel stays with the team "forever" as it continues its journey towards the top.


Formula 1 news: At the 2020 Mugello GP, it was announced that Sebastian Vettel will race for Aston Martin for “2021 and beyond”.

While nobody (except the two) knew how long this tenure would last, it was recently confirmed that Vettel will stay with the team for 2022. Now, Aston Martin hopes that Sebastian Vettel remains a key part in its journey “forever”.

Team owner Stroll Sr mentioned on F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast that “I think it was a perfect storm for both Sebastian and us.

Sebastian and I have known each other for a while. He understood very clearly my passion and plans for the team.”

Formula 1 news: Why was Sebastian signed in the first place, and what does it mean for Aston’s future?

In 2020, Racing Point (now Aston Martin) enjoyed a great F1 season, with Lance’s Pole in Turkey and Checo’s win in Sakhir.

Sebastian, on the other hand, had a terrible season with Ferrari – he was simply nowhere. However, there were already talks going on in the paddock at Monza about a potential team change. Rest, as they say, is history.

To sign a four-time world champion, was a bold statement by Stroll Sr. He clearly stated his intentions of looking at the bigger picture.

When we became Aston Martin, it wasn’t transformative in name only, it was transformative in the direction and the plans of the business and the direction the business was going in.

Lawrence was clear – if he wants his team to win races, fight for championships, he had to bring someone like Sebastian on board.

Why you ask. Put simply – because he has the calibre, the knowledge of how things work in F1, of how to fight for wins.

It is a journey and it is a journey that doesn’t take a day, a week or even a year. It is a journey that is going to take several years. Sebastian wanted to be a part of that journey.”

Throwback to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix where Vettel scored Aston Martin’s first-ever podium in Formula 1. This is exactly why Lawrence Stroll was keen on signing the German.

He knew he had the speed, he now needed a better environment to work in, something Ferrari couldn’t offer him anymore.

Formula 1 news: Sebastian’s new journey with Aston Martin

For Sebastian, it really was a beginning of a new journey, of this new team coming to life and he wanted to be part of it for the beginning and hopefully will remain forever in one way, shape or form“, Stroll Sr concluded.

It is a wait-game, in all honesty. Both the team and drivers know that they won’t win from the word go. They have to work hard for it. Really hard.

In F1, you cannot guarantee results. We have already seen that this year. All we can do is hope that next year, Aston is in a much better and stronger place.


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