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Formula 1 News: Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez confident for COTA

Formula 1 News: The Red Bull drivers are confident about their chances for the race in the United States this Sunday


Formula 1 news: The good news for Red Bull is that both of its drivers are pumped up for the race. COTA hasn’t always suited Red Bull, but the way its car has been developed, there’s always a chance to score well.

The next two races – US & Mexico – give the team just that. Hope and confidence, something that can be seen in both the drivers.

Even more so, F1 car guru Adrian Newey is also back, after the unfortunate bicycle accident that put him on the sidelines for some time.

Coincidentally, during that period, Red Bull struggled to find the correct car balance and set-up and Mercedes enjoyed success. Lots of it.

Formula 1 news: What do the RB drivers have to say?

Sergio Perez, who had an amazing race in Turkey, where he defended brilliantly against Hamilton, is predicting a “stronger performance for Red Bull at COTA.

“I cannot wait to get back in the car again and I am massively looking forward to the weekend,” said Perez.

“Mercedes have been very strong in the last few races. I believe that Austin and Mexico are going to be good for us.”

As for his teammate, the Dutchman says “It is exciting to be heading back to the track with a realistic chance of victory.”

Verstappen already has a P4, a P3, and even a P2 to his name at COTA, but no P1 yet. However, that could genuinely change this Sunday.

“We have always been competitive in the US and have got close to some good results,” he said, “so it’s about converting that into a win now. We go to every track now knowing that we can fight at least for a podium, but also a win and that is different from past years.”

For sure, the team is always gunning for maximum points, but it is even more confident this year because it has the package and Adrian Newey at his finest. Again.

Formula 1 news: Newey’s arrival is an added bonus for Red Bull at COTA

Not too long ago, Max Verstappen mentioned how Adrian’s return can help the team massively as “he knows where the weaknesses of the car are.”

The Dutchman is not wrong, you see. After all, Mr. Newey is one of the major reasons why Red Bull has been able to put pressure on Mercedes this year.

While some would argue that his absence would’ve made no impact on Red Bull, they would be wrong.

Adrian Newey is the go-to car designer for a reason, and Red Bull has realized that time and again. To have him back when the title fight is as close as it is currently, is hands-down a big advantage.

As of right now, six points separate Max & Lewis while Mercedes leads Red Bull by 36 points, so keep an eye on the scoreboard folks, it could all change after the race in the States.


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