Formula 1 news: Mercedes has finally revealed their updated Safety cars


Formula 1 news: Mercedes has finally revealed its plans about safety and medical cars for the upcoming season. The 2022 season is all set to begin from 10th March. The first race will take place in Bahrain.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R that served as the safety vehicle last year has been replaced by the Black Series. While the C 63 S Estate that served as the medical car since 2015 has been replaced by the GT 63 S 4MATIC+. As Mercedes claims They are the most potent variants of these motorcars.

Bernd Maylander is appointed as the safety car race driver. He will be assisted by co-driver Richard darker who will keep the track of the f1 field. He has been provided with two monitors and tv footage to aid him to keep a secure surveillance

Is Mercedes all set recreate its dominance in F1?

In a recent interview, Christoph Sagemuller head of the motorsport of Mercedes-AMG GmbH conveyed “Since 1996 – that’s every single year for more than a quarter of a century – Mercedes-AMG has been supplying the vehicles Formula 1 needs in emergencies,”

Formula 1 news: Mercedes has finally revealed their updated Safety cars
Formula 1 news: Mercedes has finally revealed their updated Safety cars

“In their role as Official F1 Safety Car, our performance vehicles have been safely leading the Formula 1 field around the track when called upon in bad weather or in the event of an incident. When needed, our Official F1 Medical Car is on the spot as quickly as possible. He added

Christoph concluded, “To ensure this, we have upped the ante even further for the 2022 season with our most powerful models to date, the AMG GT Black Series and the AMG GT 63 S. What’s more, their on-track performance displays their unfiltered motorsport DNA more than any of their predecessors.”

Mercedes is all set to recreate its dominance in F1. The team had a hard-luck last season. They were indulged in a season-long war with another dominant team Red bull.  The 2021 season had a very controversial ending creating more hype.

Due to Micheal Masi’s carelessness and corporation with red bull Lewis Hamilton, merc champ lost his chance to create a world record. Taking a lesson from the previous season Mercedes is making required efforts so that the mistakes are not repeated.

The 2022 season is like the reconstruction of F1. FIA’s decision and Michael’s suspension have lightened some sense of hope and faith for the team and its fans.

Formula 1 news: Major and noticable innovations in the new safety cars

The Major innovation in the new safety cars is that there is no light bar on the top of the roof. This has been replaced by a new light signalling system that is integrated into the windscreen. It is visible on the rear spoiler.

During races, the rear number plate will also illuminate in the appropriate colours to alert drivers. Lights on the side windows will alert spectators in the grandstands when the safety car is approaching the pits.

There are similarities between the new safety cars and that of previous years. The red livery and features of sponsorship from crowd strike remain the same as last year. The Aston Martin Vantage and Aston Martin DBX SUV will commence the safety and medical cars on weekends when Mercedes does not offer the track vehicles.

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