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Formula 1 News: Mercedes set to lose Petronas as its primary sponsor

Formula 1 News: Mercedes is all set to sign the world's biggest polluter as its new sponsor in place of Petronas.


Formula 1 news: One oil company leaves, another one joins. Malaysian oil giant Petronas, associated with Mercedes as its primary sponsor for several years, is all set to back down at the end of this year, according to several reports.

Replacing Petronas would be Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest polluter, as the primary sponsor for the Mercedes team from next season.

For those who don’t know, Aramco is also F1’s main (one of the main) sponsors, which has resulted in the sport racing in the Middle East for years to come.

Chemical company INEOS is also said to be a partial reason behind this deal as it has been a major shareholder in the team since last year.

Formula 1 news: A good move or a bad move by Mercedes?

It is without a doubt that Petronas has always been in support of Mercedes. The company has also invested tens of millions of dollars in the team over the years.

To understand that a major polluter is coming on board as a team’s sponsor, is just unethical, if you may. I know Sebastian won’t be too happy about this.

Why? Because since last year, Mercedes, along with Hamilton, has been rooting for change, for equality, and even changed its livery for the same reason.

When it was announced that Aramco will be sponsoring F1, the company received a lot of backlashes. So much so, that its shares too, took a big hit.

If you think that I am being a hypocrite here, listen to this – Petronas, even though it itself is a huge oil company, has been working with Mercedes to make less pollution.

It is pushing its R&D team to make everything that much safer and less toxic for the environment.

Saudi Aramco, on the other hand, you get the gist. This is not an ideal solution by all means. It is once again showing that all F1 cares about is money. Teams included.

Sebastian Vettel was right in saying that if F1 doesn’t get its act together, there would be no F1 in the future, then.

Formula 1 news: Wil Lewis Hamilton and George Russell interject?

I am sure that the reason why the sponsor is being replaced is that the new amount would be that much bigger and fatter. Clever thinking, Toto?

But I also feel that Lewis Hamilton should do something about this (if at all he can) because he has that power. And what will George Russell say about the same?

While the two parties haven’t yet confirmed anything from their end, expect a formal confirmation soon.

And when that happens, get ready to see a new livery and people in anger. Lots of them. Especially me.


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