Formula 1 news: “Netflix series Drive has added value to the sport” says Stefano Domenicali


Formula 1 news: Stefano Domenicali believes that the Netflix series Drive to survive has to add value to the sport for continuing. The chief executive officer of formula one, Domenicali, says that in order to continue in the future, the Netflix series drive to survive should add value to f1.

The fourth season of the series is coming on 11th March and this season widely waits as it will cover the controversial final battle of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Abu Dhabi in 2021.

Formula 1 news: What happened at Abu Dhabi?

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has traditionally been dominated by Hamilton. When a safety car was deployed, he was on his way to winning a record-breaking eighth world drivers’ championship. It was issued after Nicholas Latifi’s Williams wrecked with five laps to go.

The final at Abu Dhabi resulted in a very controversial end due to the decision taken by FIA’s race director Michael Masi. Michael ruled out the safety car procedure. He permitted only some cars to unlap during the late safety car period.

Formula 1 news: "Netflix series Drive has added value to the sport" Stefano Domenicali
Formula 1 news: “Netflix series Drive has added value to the sport” Stefano Domenicali

He did this in order to end the race in a grand shutdown between the big formula one stars, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. This resulted in a big controversy because when Masi made sure that the last lap resumed, Verstappen was benefited as he was with a fresh pair of tires, unlike Hamilton.

Mercedes did not put fresh tires on Verstappen as Red Bull did. Red Bull pitted Verstappen to change tires in the hopes of restarting the race before the chequered flag. Because there was no guarantee that the race would restart. Mercedes did not do the same with Hamilton, who would have lost the lead.

This resulted in Verstappen taking over Hamilton in the very last lap of the race and he won his maiden driver’s championship victory. This has created a big controversy and Michael Masi was criticized a lot.

Especially by Hamilton’s fans as because of his decision Hamilton lost the chance to win his eighth driver’s world championship title. This created global chaos among F1 enthusiasts.

The series has played a vital role in creating awareness

According to Domenicali, the series has to add value to the sport like its previous seasons. He accepted that the previous seasons of the series had an amazing effect. It attracts new audiences for the sport and he believes that it will continue to add value.

Domenicali also said that he got a chance to view the latest season. He promised that it’s amazing. With the controversial story of Hamilton and Verstappen, there will be a lot of action in the new season.

He also talked about how it’s important for them to be with the series. Till the time it’s a differentiating factor for the sport. If it’s not adding any value then it would be better for them to renegotiate the terms of the sport.

Though he accepted that the series has played a vital role in creating a great awareness about the sport. Especially among the young generation and also many newcomers. He also thanked the creators of drive to survive as the process and quality of the series have been amazing.

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