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Formula 1 News: Personal attack on marshals by Christian Horner wasn’t acceptable, claims FIA F1 race director

Formula 1 News: FIA Race director Michael Masi is infuriated with Christian Horner for his words against marshals in Qatar.

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Formula 1 News: The Qatar Grand Prix didn’t go well for Red Bull as they wanted it to be. The series of unfortunate events started from the qualifying when Pierre Gasly’s one of the front tyres got punctured.

It immediately flared yellow flags, but immediate green flags caused confusion. This led to Max Verstappen breaching double-yellow flag limits to set his fastest possible time. The next day, the Dutchman was summoned by the stewards and given a five-place grid penalty.

Infuriated by the decision, Horner soon reacted that a rogue marshal spoilt their qualifying. This comment didn’t go well with the FIA, and after the race, on Sunday, he was summoned.

In conclusion, Horner was warned with an option to attend a stewards’ programme early next year, which he accepted. Moreover, the “rogue marshal” later got to meet Verstappen organised by the FIA. It was an attempt to compensate for the remark by Horner.

Formula 1 News: Personal attack on marshalls by Christian Horner wasn’t acceptable claims FIA F1 race director

Formula 1 News: Christian Horner marks aren’t acceptable

The reaction by Horner was indeed outrageous. No team principal ever before has tried to heckle the officials like the Red Bull team principal did. This behaviour hasn’t gone well with the FIA race director Michael Masi either.

He pointed out that the marshals involved are volunteers who give their precious time to the sport. He claims that such criticism is a reckless and a bad reflection to the marshalls across the world, who participate in completing a Grand Prix weekend.

I believe you should not strike any individual,” he said as per “Specifically, when we have thousands of volunteer marshals across the world, that opens up a considerable quantity of time globally, without them this sport, everyone has extremely dear to their hearts [couldn’t pass].

All of them furnish up a huge quantity of time. Without them, it won’t occur. That’s the role that several people miss. And I will protect every volunteer official and every official at every circuit around the world, that [such critique] is not allowed.

Formula 1 News: Personal attack on marshalls by Christian Horner wasn’t acceptable claims FIA F1 race director

Formula 1 News: Marshal tried to keep race safe

Moreover, the FIA director clarified that the trackside marshals, not race control, are ultimately responsible. It is the race control who takes the call whether to have a single or double yellow.

With all the yellow flags that are presented from the trackside, they’re in the hands of the officials’ control as they are at each venue anyplace,” said Masi. “And if they think that it’s single or a double, it’s up to the officials to decide that. And they estimate what they view before them.”

Therefore, Masi believes that marshals can’t be held accountable for the situation, as they merely reacted to the event and tried their best to keep the race safe, seeing the situation on the ground.

If you have a peek at what was beyond and what was falling and with everything with Pierre’s car, they reacted upon drive for what was before them. They behaved in the most suitable interest of maintaining everyone safe on the track. And I don’t believe anyone should be scrutinised for working upon their instincts.”

Formula 1 News: Personal attack on marshalls by Christian Horner wasn’t acceptable claims FIA F1 race director


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