Formula 1 news: “Porpoising problem made me nauseous” says Charles Leclerc


Formula 1 news: Charles Leclerc says that the porpoising problem made him a little nauseous. Ferrari’s driver Charles Lerec compared the porpoising problem to the turbulence experienced in an aeroplane.

The new regulations introduced this year increased the ground effect in Formula one cars. Porpoising is a formula one car that is experienced when the car comes close to the floor. The car is pressed during the straights, the blocks the airflow and results in the disruption of downforce that is generated from the floor.

Charles said “It feels like turbulence on an airplane, going up and down the whole straight. I think one of the videos that F1 posted shows this phenomenon quite well, and I can’t say it feels nice. It makes you a little bit ill, but it’s okay.

It’s still very early days for this project. So it feels like it’s an issue that everyone has in the paddock more or less but yeah. In this paddock, all the best engineers of the world are here so I’m pretty sure that we’ll find a solution.” He concluded.

Formula  1 news: "Porpoising problem made me nauseous" Charles Lerec
Formula 1 news: “Porpoising problem made me nauseous” Charles Lerec

Formula 1 news: Charles Leclerc Admitted porpoising problem made him ill

Therefore, a constant series of oscillations is causing the car to get stuck in a loop in which it continuously gets sucked down to the floor because the downforce is lost and it rises up again.

Although, most of the teams faced the issue Charles Leclerc claimed that the porpoising felt like turbulence on an aeroplane as it was going up and down at the straights.

He also said that it felt bad and made him feel a little ill. Though he feels that these are the early days for the problem and hopes that F1 engineering teams will find a possible soon.

Currently, almost every same team is facing that problem. A video of Charles Lerec was also released in which he bounced up and down constantly. That viral video was the first to show this problem.

Leclerc also feels that many teams didn’t even show the true form at the pre-season. Charles also talked about being happy to be behind the wheel back again. He can’t wait to be back on track. He also said that their team shouldn’t get carried away from the timesheets.

Even though it’s impossible to have a clear idea due to the new regulations. Everyone should be determined and focus on working hard. Moreover, Ferrari has made an announcement that no big changes will be made in their car, F1-75, in Bahrain.

In the first round of pre-season testing in Barcelona, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc believes most teams were hiding their true form. According to him, they haven’t unleashed their beast. The cars will surprise you in a lot more ways this season.

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