Thursday, January 27, 2022

Formula 1 news: Red Bull Chief makes sly comments on Lewis Hamilton’s life outside F1

F1 2022 news: Helmut Marko couldn't resist making another barb about Lewis Hamilton pointing at his life outside the F1 track


Formula 1 news: The adviser of Red Bull, Helmut Marko thinks there was a lot of drama in the season 2021 of Formula 1. It was enough to produce a movie taking inspiration from the action and thrill that transpired through the season.

He referred to the film ‘Rush’ by Ron Howard. And, tried giving an example to explain that it is not the first time. We have seen spectacular race clashes on the big screen before. ‘Rush’ features Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth. It emphasizes the well-known enmity and comradery between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

The Austrian driver, Lauda was in a dominant position in the pursuit of the title race. However, in the West German Grand Prix, a drastic car collision occurred, delivering him a near-death experience. Thankfully, Lauda survived. It seemed like a Miracle. He had to skip a couple of races before he was fit again. However, Hunt finished first in four out of seven final sprints. And, bagged the ultimate victory for that season.

They altogether considered the story fascinating enough to direct it into a big Hollywood production. And, Marko believes the action in 2021 is also suitable for a similar sensational fictionalization.

F1 2022 news: Red Bull Chief comments on Hamilton's life outside F1
F1 2022 news: Red Bull Chief comments on Hamilton’s life outside F1

He referred to the dramatic collisions at the Silverstone and Monza sprints. And the pathetic puncture that occurred in Baku that Verstappen had withstood. The Austrian Chief also mentioned “two great results in Austria” to give an instance of Verstappen’s glory. Max had bagged two pole positions, along with race victories at Red Bull’s home-road too.

However, Marko feels the main plot of the film would reasonably be the rivalry between Max and Lewis. And, their squads, respectively.

Formula 1 news: Helmut Marko on Lewis Hamilton’s media-loving life

As per Express, Marko said it was when Mercedes returned, Lewis became stronger. He pointed to Hamilton’s performance when he tried fastening the 32 point rift after Max’s second win at Speilberg.

There’s a little similarity between the movie Rush and the F1 season 2021 scene. The film studies the dissimilarities between Hunt and Lauda along with their companionship. However, the last season saw a pair of very distinct title chasers as the protagonists.

The 78-year-old made a barb on Hamilton when he explained his opinion on the difference between the two drivers.

“There is the seven-time world champion who leads a rather media-loving life,” Marko added.

Thereafter, he spoke about Max saying he was “down to earth” whose priority was only F1. He proclaimed that there exist “so many opposites” between them.

It’s too uncertain if we will be watching a retelling of the 2021 events in a movie in the future. However, Netflix had its cameras on the track for the whole season. So, we do know we will be looking back at the dramatic action of the season.
They filmed scenes for the ‘Drive to Survive’ documentary’s 4th season which they will be releasing soon. With the thrill and action in season 2021, we can expect season 4 to be worth watching.