Formula 1 news: Ross Brawn confident about the new voting system


Formula 1 news: Ross Brawn is confident of the ability new voting system that it will prevent any rule-breaking surprises. Brawn, the managing director of formula one, has claimed that if any team comes with any innovation against the regulations of FIA will be taken care of by the new voting system.

Ross feels that such kind of innovation will isn’t likely to occur in such strict regulations but yets he isn’t sure. He said that the governance of formula one hasn’t changed in order to change the f1 rules on short notice.

He added that the teams know it and they’ll be comfortable with their ideas before they’ll launch them. The new voting system provides the FIA and eight out of 10 formula one teams the flexibility to change or adopt a new rule quickly or even reject it in a short period of time.

Before this, if any rule was to change the teams would have to come up with an agreement between all the teams and FIA. The new voting system is rather time-saving. It gives 8 out of 10 Formula One teams a flexible option.

Formula 1 news: Ross Brawn confident about the new voting system
Formula 1 news: Ross Brawn confident about the new voting system

Prior to the introduction of the new voting system. F1 and FIA had to make a collective decision with all the teams. This was time-consuming and required a lot of discussions. The teams had a lot of time to manipulate the game.

Formula 1 news: The voting system will act as an additional layer of protection

Ross said “There’s no guarantee something we haven’t anticipated will occur. If it is going to occur, someone will likely spring it on Formula 1. I don’t think that will be the case. The regulations are pretty robust, but you can never say never.”

“That’s part of the reason why the governance has changed, and it has not changed in order to be able to change the rules at short notice. Teams know you can change the rules at short notice so they’re far more likely to want to be comfortable with their ideas before they release them.” He added.

Brawn feels that if the teams find a loophole in the new aerodynamic regulations, the voting system will be an extra layer of protection against their manipulation.

The previous rule gave the teams plenty of time to manipulate the rule before an agreement came into action.

The 2022 season or the reconstruction year of F1. With the onset of the new season, viewers have glued themselves to their televisions. Williams Boss Jost Capito believes that the 2022 season is all about efficiency.

Jost concluded, “It’s all about efficiency now. We have the cost cap, and you have to do the maximum out of the cost cap. That means you have to be able to do the best possible developments throughout the year and again for next year’s cars.”

The teams had max resources to innovate their cars from the base in such a way that it becomes a successful package throughout the year. This season at least 5 teams can dominate the season. They can give each other tough competition.

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