Formula 1 news: Russian drivers banned from competing in F1


Formula 1 news: The FAU (Ukraine Automobile Federation) has written to the FIA requesting that all drivers with Russian or Belarusian motorsport licenses be barred from competing outside of their own nation. If this actually happens Haas will be forced to find a new driver.

Just after the announcement about banning Russian GP, Haas’s boss has announced that there is the possibility that Mazepin won’t drive this season. As many motorsport bodies are requesting to ban Russian drivers amid the war.

Politics and sports should be kept separate. Sports are an emotion that has no caste, creed, or state. Countries should work together to find a peaceful solution. The prohibition of Russian drivers is not a solution; it will just add to the mayhem.

If Nikita Mazepin is banned from Formula One, there are chances that Pietro Fittipaldi will be first in line to fill his shoes. He may replace the Russian driver on the grid in 2022.

Formula 1 news: Russian drivers banned from competing in F1
Formula 1 news: Russian drivers banned from competing in F1

The FAU has also asked the FIA to prohibit the use of both countries’ national anthems in FIA contests. Mazepin has already participated under the white and black flags of the Russian Automobile Federation.

The pre-season test starts on 10th March, if FIA agrees with this it would be bad for Haas. They will be forced to find a new driver on such short notice. Many countries are also banning and canceling the visas of Russians.

This will also dissuade him to enter many countries on the calendar this season. The 22-year-old is in a great dilemma as many countries are revoking the visas of Russians. His career this season is at risk.

Formula 1 news: FIA has recieved many such requests from motorsport bodies

FIA has also received requests to ban and expel all Organisation members representing Russia or Belarus. They have contacted FIA to ban Matches between the two countries. Even though politics and sports shall remain distant this season the cold war has changed many things in the sport.

The Russian Grand Prix will also be replaced, according to Formula One. They said that, following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, it would be impossible to arrange the race in Russia. Despite this, Russia’s F1 promoter claims that the event may still go place peacefully in the country.

Formula One has decided to abandon the subject totally. According to Formula One authorities, there will be no race. The Russian Grand Prix will be replaced, and many countries are speculating on who will fill the void.

The team chose to run a plain white livery on the final day of Barcelona testing. They have removed all of the red and blue Uralkali marking from their cars and paddock facilities overnight. Fortunately for Haas supporters, despite the agreement saving them during the Covid-19 pandemic, Steiner has claimed that the team can thrive without Mazepin’s sponsorship.

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