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Formula 1 News: Sebastian Vettel says F1 could stop being “special” if number of races in a season continues to increase

Formula 1 News: Sebastian Vettel thinks F1 could lose its "special" status if the calendar keeps expanding.


Formula 1 news: How many races are too many races, I ask? Today, in what Sebastian Vettel has to say about how F1 has been functioning recently – if the calendar keeps on expanding, the sport risks losing staff and its “special” status.

Just a few days ago, F1 confirmed the 2022 calendar, the longest-ever yet. How long? Between mid-March and mid-November, twenty-three races will be held. That’s nine months!

It may not seem a lot to you, but for those who work in F1, it is a lot. Already, we’ve heard from some staff of several teams that are exhausted, but all the teams have still said yes to 23 races. Unusual. It’s as if they don’t want to look into this.

If you like numbers, back when F1 began to do its thing, there were only seven races. Today, it’s more than thrice. On that, fan-favourite Sebastian Vettel has to say this:

Formula 1 news: What does Sebastian think about 23-races next year?

This is only my opinion, but I think we should not have that many races. It’s for a number of reasons. I think one, maybe it’s too many races for the people to watch. It’s not special anymore if there’s that many.

And second, I feel for the staff. Us drivers, we are at the good side of things: we can arrive on a Wednesday night and leave if we find a flight on a Sunday night.

Well, if you think that working in F1 is a dream job for many, or if you’re Franz Tost himself, then you should also acknowledge what the four-time champion has to say and work on that.

The team already has a lot more stress. They arrive Monday or Saturday the week before, they build the garage, prepare the cars, and then also have to run the full week and then pack down, send everything back, and prepare back in the factory“, he added.

For them, it’s a job that you’re busy all weekdays and nearly every weekend, so you have no time for yourself. And I think we are in a time where people are growing more and more conscious that they have a life too, and that the life doesn’t belong to the employer.

Sebastian Vettel, not mincing his words, taking care of everybody, becoming the voice of the voiceless since 2020. He’s absolutely right, though.

Formula 1 news: Will F1 ever learn from this?

There’s no easiest way to say this – no. The answer is a straightforward no. Time and again, F1 has made it very clear that it seeks money, and money only.

If it wanted to do something different, it would’ve done something different. That’s certainly not the case here.

Those in authority want to keep the ‘show’ running, in whichever way they deem fit. They want more and more to join the live telecast, but what about those who are making this happen?

If anything, F1 could let all the teams swap their personnel so that nobody is more exhausted than they should be. The least it could do.

MotoGP has about 22 races next year, if I am not mistaken, but there, we have close racing. Really close racing. Maybe F1 could learn a thing or two from FIM.

I think it should be a number of races that is sustainable for keeping your passion for many years and not being, you know, sucked out after two or three years“, Vettel concluded.


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