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Formula 1 News: Sebastian Vettel says “F1 must ask itself if money is bigger than morals”

Formula 1 News: Sebastian Vettel questions F1's recent decisions and asks whether money is bigger than morals for the sport

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Formula 1 news: Here comes another important statement from the four-time champion. Who is Sebastian Vettel to you? For me, he’s my idol, the reason why I started watching F1 in the first place.

Over the years, Seb has developed into a human loved by millions, even his haters. He’s spoken for what he believes in, hasn’t cared about the consequences that might come later.

Once again, he’s taken the mic and shared what he thinks. Note: Sebastian doesn’t have a political agenda. He simply wishes to make a difference. Be like Vettel.

Profits should not be the sole factor in deciding where sports events are hosted“, begins Seb as he talks about the recent introduction of the Qatar & Saudi Arabia races to the F1 calendar, places where human rights mean almost nothing.

I think the trouble is that ultimately a sport, the same as a country, is governed by individual people. Individual people have individual opinions, and backgrounds, so it is of course difficult. We have to find the perfect people to ‘govern’ our sport, and then apply the right path going forward.

He’s not wrong there, you see. Over time, F1 has become a sport where politics have been enjoyed more than its moral responsibility to the world.

For example, when Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest polluter, was brought onboard as F1’s sponsor when the sport itself was pushing for minimum emissions produced. Talk about irony.

“There’s more than just that interest, there’s obviously huge financial interest, in going forward. I think at some point you need to ask yourself & people in charge the question: do you have a moral?

Do you, therefore, say no to certain things? Or do you just say ‘yes’ to any big deal that’s around the corner, but for the wrong reasons?”, he adds.

In case you, for some reason, don’t know what Vettel has been up to recently, I’ll tell you.

The German has been rooting for environmental issues, trying to resolve them, while also taking a stand for equality for all, be it race or gender.

I think there are certain topics that are too big to neglect. I think we all agree that it’s only fair to treat people equally.

Formula 1 news: What is the solution? How can F1 do what it is supposed to, but not yet doing it?

“I feel that our sport could apply a lot of pressure and could be of immense help to spread that fairness around the globe even more”, he shares.

Formula One, as a business, is *very* huge. To put it into perspective, each year, the annual viewership of a respective F1 season goes around 430 million.

Furthermore, if you somehow think F1 doesn’t generate the big bucks, you are so wrong, my friend.

It was reported back in 2019 that Sky Sports paid £1 billion to F1 to become the sole broadcaster in certain countries for six years.

Add to that, Heineken & Rolex combined have paid nearly $700 million just for sponsoring the sport. In 2019, Liberty Media, F1’s owners, earned a sum of $2 billion. It included the aforementioned as well as the fees from the tracks and other marketing gimmicks.

To put things into perspective, F1 could easily, and I mean easily spread the word, about the issues that the world is currently facing. But instead, it has made it very clear that it wants to focus on earning.

Why, because if it was the other way around, Nikita Mazepin wouldn’t be racing in the pinnacle of motorsports this year. Simple.


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