Formula 1 news: Sergio Perez reveals teammate Max Verstappen “raised his level” amid tough start to life at Red Bull


Formula 1 news: Red Bull’s Sergio Perez had to face a lot of struggles and was not performing well in F1 for much of 2021. He also admitted that the main reason for not performing well at his new team was because he lacked the consistency to be with the car 100 percent.

He also said that he needs to gear up again and raise his level to new heights in 2022. Perez can assure this by not repeating the same mistakes of 2021. He looks forward to doing better next time.  

In a recent interview, Sergio Perez said, “I am extremely happy for everyone but it’s a little shameful and said that we couldn’t get the constructors. But I think it’s just a couple of points at the end and some bad luck but I look forward to next year” he added.

In the 2021 season of F1, Perez struggled for much of it to get fully up to speed with his car. He had to switch from his longtime home at the Racing Point.

Formula 1: "Max as a teammate helped me to raise my level", Sergio Perez
Formula 1: “Max as a teammate helped me to raise my level”, Sergio Perez

He secured three fourth-place finishes in his journey to secure fourth place in the points table. The win in Baku was a major boost for him.

Perez played a supporting role in the Abu Dhabi finale by holding Lewis Hamilton which allowed Verstappen to close the gap with the Mercedes driver before his tire stopped. Verstappen called Perez “a legend” in a radio message to the pit wall.

When Autosport asked Perez to sum up his season, he said “very intense”. He further added that a lot of work was done behind the scenes and there was a lot of pressure.  He further explained that it’s hard to be a red bull driver. there is a lot of compulsion and pressure on the drivers while everyone is watching.

“The race hadn’t been easy but it helped me to reach new levels,” Sergio quoted. He also added, “Max as a teammate really pushes you to new levels. I am enjoying it a lot at this point of my career, I am very happy, and that’s the most important thing of all.”

He indeed exclaimed on the fact that satisfaction and happiness is the best win, and he will gear up for next year to reach new heights in 2022.

Formula 1 news: Sergio Perez’s thoughts on Max Verstappen’s performance

When he was asked about his teammate’s performance Perez gave an overwhelmed reaction. Quoting that Max is a legend of races, he is really good and strong in all areas and he is really at one with the car.

“He’s very complete, experienced. I mean, the season he has done I think it’s been a legend, you know, it’s really impressive, and big praise to him,” Sergio said.

Sergio Perez also showed his happiness towards Max’s win. he said that he was the greatest teammate since day one and he deserved it all. He also added that his team was fantastic with him and supporting his team is something that he won’t stop doing.

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