Formula 1 news: “Title challenge in 2022 may be a five-way fight”, says George Russell


Formula 1 news: George Russell has stated that the fight for title in 2022 will not be easy.  He believes that benefiting from the changes done to the rule book it would be a 5-way fight.  5 teams could give each other a tough fight for the title in 2022.  

The 2022 season is the beginning of a new era of F1, a better and more reliable one. The changes were made in the rule book so that the mistakes of 2021 are not repeated. Season 21 had been one of the most controversial seasons of all time.

For years Formula 1 has been one of the most celebrated races of its kind. It has a global fan base so it’s important to keep their faith and provide justice to the watchers.

Russell believes that benefiting from the change in the rules, Teams like Mc Laren and Ferrari will now give a tough fight to Red Bull and Mercedes. Both of the teams gave each other neck-to-neck competition at the midfield in season 2021 at Abu Dhabi.

Formula 1 news: Russell’s view on upcoming campaign

Russell quoted that ”A team like Ferrari that has been through a difficult period for the last two years are going to be so hungry, especially with this new rule change, to come back fighting, similar to McLaren as well. These teams have got the infrastructure, the talent within the engineering department, with the drivers as well, to really fight,”.

“I truly believe there are five teams all capable of really doing something special next year. So you’ve got to be absolutely on it, and I think development is going to be absolutely key ”he added

Russell was a part of the Mercedes team in the final season. When asked he described his experience at Abu Dhabhi as ‘ strange’. Majorly because it was followed by many controversies. Formula 1’s Season 21 had been one of the most Controversial and high-rated seasons of all time.

He was glad that, in 2022 rules got changed and the mistakes of 2021 will not be repeated.  Russell will be replaced by Alex Albons in 22 at Williams.

“It’s not going to be whoever has the fastest car [at testing or the first race]; it’s whoever manages to understand the car well and Can develop and build from those foundations throughout the year,” he said.

He concluded by saying, “And I think all of the teams are going to make big progress from race one to the end of the season.”

This year the winner will be decided by a season-long development war rather than which team hits the ground running in Brahin. The winner is not gonna be someone who has the fastest car in the final race.

It will be someone who understands the car well throughout the whole season.  Stability and consistency are the most important elements for season 2022.

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