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France Manager confirms Real Madrid transfer

Real Madrid have been on a roll since the start of the transfer window and it is set to continue with the French manager confirming one of his players is set to join them.

The French have a factory of talented footballers coming through. The current World Champions not only have an eye-watering squad now but the future seems to be rosy as well. And from the pool of talent comes the next Real Madrid superstar, according to Didier Deschamps.

“Mendy will join Real Madrid”

Deschamps confirmed that Ferland Mendy is set to make the switch to Real Madrid.“Two years ago he was playing in the second division, now he is on the verge of joining Real Madrid,” Deschamps said.“He has come on leaps and bounds, and he can play on both sides.”

This comes after the French club denied agreeing on a deal with their Spanish counterparts.“Olympique Lyonnais denies an agreement with Real Madrid for a possible transfer of its international defender Ferland Mendy, contrary to what has been relayed by some media,” read the brief statement.

Author’s Take

Ferland Mendy is an attacking full-back with incredible speed and dribbling ability. Quite similar to his namesake Benjamin Mendy, in the fact that he prefers a low driven cross into the box once past his man. The Frenchman is neat in possession, often popping the ball into midfield and attacking the space behind the opposition full-back. Mendy is a fierce competitor who at times might slide into a tackle, generally resulting in reckless challenges.

Real Madrid
Ferland Mendy was a key figure for Bruno Genisio’s Lyon.
Photo: Eurosport

The story of the Lyon man is a heartwarming one. Mendy was hospitalized at the age of 16 due to a hip infection and he was unable to walk. “I didn’t play for about eight months I think, then I went back to training as usual and I was rubbish. Initially, I wasn’t up to it, but I worked really hard. I left PSG, and eventually signed for Le Havre. It’s behind me now, and it has helped me, it gave me a boost, and gave me character. It made me!” Considering what he has gone through, Mendy deserved to play in the Bernabeu with 80,000 Madridistas chanting his name.

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