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French legend Michel Platini belives that this Real Madrid star deserves a Ballon d’Or!

Ballon d’Or awards are around the corner. It’s tough to say who will win the Ballon d’Or award. France legend Michel Platini has picked this player as favourite and it’s not Messi, Modric or Cristiano Ronaldo.

This year’s Ballon d’Or is an open race. From Antoine Griezmann to Lionel Messi everyone is favourite to win the award. For the first since 2007 it seems there will be a different winner than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Both of football’s brightest gems of modern time have been dominating the Ballon d’Or since 2007. According to UEFA president Michel Platini, this players deserves the Ballon d’Or.

France defender Raphael Varane should win the Ballon d’Or, according to Michel Platini. In a year when the prize could go to someone other than Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time since 2007, Platini is backing Raphael Varane to win it. The Real Madrid centre-back is the only player in 2018 to be both a European and a world champion.

Varane had Champions League success with Real and in summer won the World Cup with his country. Croatian World Cup star  and Varane’s Real Madrid team-mate Luka Modric is the current favourite for to win this year’s Ballon d’Or. UEFA President Michel Platini told RMC, “It’s a Frenchman who is going to have a Golden Ball. There’s always the Ronaldo-Messi debate, but this year there’s only one player who has won a European Cup and the World Cup, it’s Varane.”

He also praised Varane and said how we would have voted him for the Golden Ball, Platini said, “Besides, he’s an excellent player, I would have voted for him. The results are the only objective thing, everything else is subjective. We can have opinions about Griezmann, Mbappé, Giroud, Lloris, Modric…but the only one who has won everything this year is Raphael Varane.”  He also reminded that how in 2006 a defender won the Ballon d’Or. Platini  said, “Let’s not forget that in 2006 it was a defender, Fabio Cannavaro, who won the Ballon d’Or.”

Author’s take:

Michel Platini is right. Varane helped his club and country win trophies last season. He was outstanding in Champions League and performed brilliantly in the World Cup as well. However, considering the common stereo type of attacking players there’s a little chance that people will vote for Varane. It would good for football if a defender wins the biggest individual trophy of football.


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