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Frenkie De Jong is frustrated with Barcelona due to this reason

Barcelona’s last season and the reason for Frenkie’s Frustration and what fans have to say about it

FC Barcelona had a very solid 2018-2019 season as the club finished league top last season. The also faced a fair share of backlash when they exited the UEFA Champions League in the two-legged  Semi Finale against Liverpool. Liverpool outplayed Barcelona in the second leg defeating them 4-3 on aggregate. 
Barcelona is trying its best to land some of the best players around to make their squad as strong as they can. Barcelona signed some top players this summer transfer like  Atletico’s centerman Antoine Griezmann for £108 million, Valencia’s goalkeeper Neto for £23.40 million and Ajax’s Frenkie De Jong for £67.50 million.

Frenkie on Joining Barcelona

Frenkie de Jong is very delighted and proud to be the part of the Blaugrana squad and after his transfer in an interview, he said, “I am very happy to be here finally. As a child, it was a dream for me to play at Barça, and now I’m here so it’s great. I’m really looking forward to setting foot on the Camp Nou pitch for the first time. I like Barca’s way of playing, the philosophy of Barça and Ajax are very similar, and I think I will enjoy it.”

De Jong revealed last month that he thought he would sign for Arsenal before he completed his stunning move to Barca.
When asked about this De Jong said, “I actually thought Arsenal was pretty beautiful in the past, In my mind, I have had the following list for a long time: Ajax-Arsenal-Barcelona, call it the Marc Overmars route. But yes, if you can go directly to Barcelona, then you are also right where you want to be. Faster than you ever dared to dream.”

Frenkie low on passes?

Frenkie De Jong lost his patience with his Barcelona teammates when they refused to play one-twos with him during their pre-season clashes.
The Spanish champions splashed out £67.50 for the Dutch Midfielder Frenkie de Jong and he has made an early impression on fans ahead of the new season.

But the former Ajax starman has understood that the Barcelona playstyle especially their passing style is a lot different than his previous club who had a free-flowing passing play.
A Reddit user has created a compilation featuring moments where Barcelona players failed to play one-twos with De Jong.

Expect de Jong to play a big part in Barcelona’s change in approach, and at just 22 he has years ahead of him to make his presence felt. Frenkie has looked frustrated before in the match against Chelsea when he didn’t receive a  1-to-1 pass during the match.

Look what fans have to say about it

In a recent match with Barcelona De Jong was seen frustrated a few times when he doesn’t receive the 1-to-1 pass as he stuck his arms out to show the free space that he was in but the ball was passed to some other player. 
Some fans also got irritated with the Barcelona players and showed Frenkie de Jong some sympathy by commenting, “Frenkie is too good for those rookies at Barca smh. Someone else said: “To be fair, he’s used to better football.”A third wrote: “Barca is far away from tiki-taka these days.”A fourth added: “So Frenkie is trying to play like Pep’s Barca then.”

Frenkie De Jong could be seen playing again in the squad as Barcelona will play against Napoli for the second time on Saturday in their final pre-season clash.

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