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I am aware that all the readers here do not play football regularly or ever but surely follows the sport. If you follow the sport then it’s only about following while getting fit, and if you are only here for a good fitness tip then you’re going to get it for sure; in any case, it’s a win-win.

One thing good about almost every sport is that they are pure calisthenics; football is a good example for that purpose. So, you can train on your own & maintain/improve your fitness level, and can also improve that on the field with your team.



Football includes a lot of running, teamwork, coordination, et cetera. That is, it uses legs, and the core of your body the most. So the physical components stated below are obvious.


Also, I feel that these components are important in regular Joe’s life too, though not rigorous as that of a football player, but a gear down would be fine.

Moreover, for the match person, it is important to practice at the top gear since the match can even ask for overdrive.

According to US youth soccer player’s guide-

By training at match pace often during a season, the team will be prepared for the specific demands during an actual match. Match pace training brings out the best in everyone. If the team trains this way then the need for calisthenics and running laps is eliminated. In general, the fitter you are the longer you can have a positive impact on the game. Just by giving your all at each training session your fitness will improve.


More on physical components

As in my every article, I stress upon the no gym workouts, you can safely assume that each component will be decoded in further separate posts with a workout routine.

However there’s a post dedicated to leg exercises and increasing strength and stability, in the meantime, you can check it.

And would you replace planks with push-ups? Read THIS article before answering?

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