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Norwegian Football Association

In a time when women are participating on an equal basis as that of men, they are somewhere often overlooked in terms of benefits and wages. The Norwegian Football Association has somewhat made the feasible changes by incrementing the wages of female footballers to nearly double the amount they receive in present.

A Moment Of Happiness

The Norwegian Football Association has announced a new financial package to be introduced in 2018. According to this announcement, Norway’s football players, whether male or female, will receive equal wages for representing their nation.

Although being a better performer at international stage than men, the ladies were earlier paid an amount that was about half the amount received by men football team.

With the introduction of this new agreement, the amount paid to the women team will almost get doubled from 3.1m krone (£296,845) to 6m krone(£574,540). Furthermore, this includes a contribution of 550,000 kroner (£ 47,875) from men’s side which they earn from commercial activities.

Words Of Gratitude

Graham Hansen, team winger posted a picture of the men’s football team on Instagram and said, “This was maybe a small thing for you to do for us. This will maybe not show in your monthly wages, this was maybe an obvious move for you to do. But this means everything for us, for our team, our sport, and for all the female athletes out there, who do the same work, the same sport as men do, but get paid less.”

She proceeded, “For you to say that equal pay is how it should be, makes me want to cry. It makes me want to hug you all. Thank you for making this step for female athletes. For showing equality and for helping us all, making it a bit easier, to chase our dreams. To make them come true! RESPECT #equalgame #equalpay.”

Clearly, it’s not the just words of a single person but a natural emotion that is felt by all her teammates. These words came in context for all those who came forward to support this action. These words will surely boost up the morale of both the sides.

Collective Opinion

Norway captain, Stefan Johansen said, “I just think that’s how it should be. I think it can help a lot for them. We want Norwegian football ahead. The ladies are as important as us.” Defender Tore Reginiussen stated further, “It’s nice to be able to contribute. There is nothing about the results we have had in recent years, which indicate that we will have so much more. Now it will be a more even distribution. It is important.”

Norwegian Football Association

Tore Reginiussen is proud of the decision.

Staying positive with this decision, the head of NISO, Joachim Walltin, said, “Norway is a country where equal standing is very important for us, so it is good for the country and for the sport. For the girls, it will certainly make a difference. Some of them are working and studying, as well as playing football, and it’s hard to improve them.”

Walltin further said, “The feeling of being really respected is very important for them. The federation can see it as an investment to increase the level of the women’s team.”

Author’s Take

No doubt this news will act as a totally new set of motivation for the members of the team and for the upcoming ones. Moreover, this came in at a time when the whole world is really overwhelmed by inequality with female players. Like the case in Denmark, where a home women’s friendly match against Netherlands was called off due to a dispute over money. The deal is one of its kind making Norway the only country where both are treated equally.


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