Government announce new policy in major blow for Premier League clubs

Football world has suffered hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Many if the clubs around the globe suffer financial problems due to the pandemic. Premier League clubs also include in the list with some clubs facing more severe effects. Most clubs have had to take on salary cuts to cope with the situation.

The main problem clubs face is their stadium revenues being cut-off. With games played in close doors, clubs have not ticket revenue. Sale of tickets provide a major share to the club’s finance. The pandemic has led to a complete cut down of this revenue.

Premier League sides were hoping to see certain improvements from October. There were recent reports of permission for spectators to see live games from October 1st. Fans were thought to be able to watch games under strict regulations. With the stadiums occupying between 25 to 30% of its capacity.

This was positive news for both fans and the clubs. Football spectators were keen to see their clubs clash in the stadiums. Clubs were happy to get a percentage of their revenue from tickets as well. But recent developments hint that the Government will slash the plans.

Government look to avoid the Risk

Premier League may not see the return of fans to stadiums yet.
Premier League may not see the return of fans to stadiums yet.

The pandemic was subsiding over the last few weeks. Which was the reason Government was hinting on easing the restrictions? But with the cases taking an upward spike in the recent days. Free access to the stadiums can have a diverse effect. Hence, the Government is implying caution.

Michael Gove made the news clear by speaking to BBC News

. He understands that sports are a part of their culture but precautions are necessary. They were already planning on partial access for supporters to watch games. As the virus does not have high infection levels outdoors.

But the recent spike in the cases has made them think otherwise. If fans do get the access to come down the stadiums, it can lead to chances of further outbreaks. Hence, the Government is calling off the plans for now. The clubs also understand the situation and support the government’s decision.

However, different sports suffer variously due to this restriction. Hence, hope to receive help from the government. Various sports leaders are reportedly requesting the help of £15billion as the arts and culture sector got in July. This will help the sports field to cope with the losses.

PL sides were hoping for a financial boost

Clubs will not receive financial boosts as Premier League will play under close doors.
Clubs will not receive financial boosts as Premier League will play under close doors.

Premier League sides like Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham were hoping for a financial boost. The Gunners have been under financial problems for a while now. The pandemic has made matters worse for them, with the club declaring a 7.5% salary cut lately.

Chelsea, Tottenham, and other sides were also hoping to see the fans back in the stadium. Chelsea’s preseason game against Brighton saw a fraction of the supporters in the stadium. But we may not see fans cheer their clubs from the stands soon enough.

Player’s also felt the void of missing their fans cheer for them. Stars don’t have much to celebrate after their goals and don’t get the electrifying feel.

Club management also will lose the ticket revenue with more games under close doors. Let’s just hope things get better soon and we get our sport back as it was for now.

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