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“We are going to lose games”- Guardiola dismisses being Invincibles

The former Barcelona and Bayern manager feels that season will get tougher with time

With eight wins and a single draw in this season, Manchester City have started on a near to perfect way. Pep Guardiola side are still unbeaten in both the English top flight and the Champions League. City have been so impressive that they are being compared to the Invincibles. The Arsenal side completed the Premier League triumph in 2003-04 without losing a single game, and City’s start have drawn similar comparisons. But Guardiola doesn’t want to be carried away with the start and thinks that City will lose a game, but not due to complacency. The Etihad side are already 5 points clear on the top of the Premier League racking up 32 goals in the process.

Guardiola insists on short-term goals

After a 3-0 win over Burnley, Guardiola insisted that he was focused on short-term goals rather than thinking to be the Invincibles. The Goal reported modest Guardiola saying,

“The only game I think about is the next one and the next one is against Wolves,” he said of Tuesday’s EFL Cup fourth-round tie.

“I am happy with the 11 wins in a row because we show we can win a lot of games in a row. That’s all.

“To win like this [the Arsenal record] is nonsense, ridiculous because football today is so demanding and we know exactly that when we don’t play good we are going to lose games,” he said when compared to the Invincibles.

“Tuesday is another game where we have to try to be so serious and play as good as possible to deserve the respect of our opponents. That is all I want and then afterward we will see.”

Guardiola compares City to Golden State Warriors

Guardiola compared City to NBA side Golden State Warriors, who are a dominant force in the USA but have started on a shaky note in this season. The Warriors have lost to Houston Rockets and the Memphis Grizzlies, and the former Barcelona manager thinks that City will be subject to similar challenges.

“I’m pretty sure, to finish unbeaten, that is not going to happen,” he said.

“We have a lot of games in a lot of competitions. Today it is so demanding, more than ever.

“To be focused every three days during 10 or 11 months, always there will be a moment when we are going down.

“In that moment, I will test myself as a manager and I am curious to see how we are going to react in that situation.

“Even Golden State Warriors sometimes lose a game. Everybody loses games and in our case, that is going to happen,” he said drawing a comparison between the two sides.

Not going to lose due to complacency

Last season also City started the season on a similar note before eventually losing form and ending the season without a silverware, first time such a thing happened to Guardiola. The City gaffer believes that such a thing will not be repeated, and he wants to stay fully focused. Talking about losing due to complacency, he said,

“With me, that is not going to happen.”

“We are going to lose games, of course. But to be relaxed and believe really what we are not, that is not going to happen with me,” he added.

Even after starting the season perfectly, Guardiola doesn’t want to be carried away with the success. After failing to win anything last term, Guardiola has added some quality players and has set his sight on the Premier League as well as the Champions League this season. Now if Guardiola can replicate the Invincibles is something to look out for, but the task is never going to be that easy.




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