Guardiola Stands Up For Wenger


Wenger has not been able to win the Champions League title for Arsenal. This has been infuriating their supporters over the years.

Ever since we have started seeing football, we have seen supporters being frustrated with Wenger. Whether it was losing big games or bottling trophies in the final leg. But Wenger has endured it all and stuck with the club when he was loved and when he was criticised. But this time the supporters went too far. They have prompted Wenger to seriously consider leaving the London side.

Guardiola thought such treatment was “unacceptable”.

Guardiola has been a very celebrated manager, leading Barcelona and Bayern to numerous titles. He joined the English Premier League this season as the manager of Manchester City.


With his arrival, there were high expectations from City for the season. However, he suffered a few hiccups with due to injury of certain key players. But right from the beginning of the season, has been helping keep up the spirit of the sport.

He stood up for Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Wenger has been criticised over the years for limited silverware Arsenal has. However, their defeat to Bayern turned into an ugly affair, and the loss really cranked up the criticism. According to Guardiola, so much frustration and anger should not be channelled towards managers. He termed such treatment as “disrespectful”.

He was forced to speak about Wenger’s situation after his draw against Huddersfield. During the post-match interview, he said, “Our job, in that moment, doesn’t have any respect for any position, so it is disrespectful, what happened. That is why we take the decisions and you can say whatever you want.”

Before their draw, Manchester City had looked to regain lost form as they jumped to the 2nd position in the English Premier League. They will now be travelling to Huddersfield and to face a fifth-round replay on February 28.




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