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Harvey Hosein says goodbye to cricket, retires at the mere age of 25


In a chilling development, Harvey Hosein has gone on to hang his boots from cricket altogether. He was a Derbyshire player and this is a huge loss for the county cricket community.

Moreover, County cricket has raised the bar of professional cricket all over the World. It has been the oldest cricket tournament in the pages of history. Moreover, it has served cricket for a brief period of time.

The County cricket has given many stars like Alastair Cook, Andrew Strauss, Andrew Flintoff etc. Moreover, these are some of the most exciting and successful cricketers that England cricket has ever seen.

Moreover, these English players have also gone on to earn legendary status due to their brand of cricket. The best that England cricket saw was in the 2005 era and a whole batch of cricketers come from their county in the country.

Harvey Hosein says goodbye to cricket, retires at the mere age of 25
Harvey Hosein says goodbye to cricket, retires at the mere age of 25

Similarly, Harvey Hosein was such a bright talent who was picked up for training at a very early age. Moreover, the player himself has been a huge fan of cricket like his family. The 25-year-old inherited the fan following of cricket from his family at a very small age.

Harvey Hosein was born Chesterfield, Derbyshire in 1996. The Derbyshire player is a right-handed batsman who is also a wicketkeeper for his team. He has been in the team since his U-13 days back in the day.

Harvey Hosein announces his retirement from all forms of cricket

However, a piece of daunting news came in on Tuesday evening when Harvey Hosein went on to announce his retirement.


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He did that by retiring from all forms of cricket including county cricket. This is a huge setback for Derbyshire who has lost a great wicketkeeper-batsman.

Moreover, the reason behind such a decision is health reasons. Harvey Hosein went through frequent concussions during playing for Derbyshire. Similarly, this went on to create a lot of risks for the 25-year-old player and he even got a strict medical advisory.

The player said, “Retiring early from the game has been the hardest moment I’ve faced in my professional career. I have been lucky enough to enjoy eight professional seasons as a homegrown player; an ambition I held since joining the Club at the age of 12.”

However, Australian player Will Pucovski is also in such a situation where he has been hit on the head frequently. The youngster recently completed his teeth concussion and he was advised by the Australian Cricket Board for a brief rest.

Moreover, he has also missed a lot of International matches due to this. Will Pucovski was also out of the India tour of Australia after playing one test match. He has been very unlucky in this matter. 


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