How Mourinho ‘Convinced’ Lionel Messi To Join Chelsea From Barcelona In 2014

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho first convinced Messi to join Chelsea in 2014 and then told to stay with Barcelona.

Barcelona playmaker Lionel Messi stood as the main topic for the club’s exit this year. However, his interest in playing under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City will remain on hold till the next summer transfer window.

But the news about the Lionel Messi’s exit from the Camp Nou side bombarded several speculations on social media. Therefore, he fails to reach out with the transfer deal and decided to stay with Barcelona for this season.

Lionel Messi’s decision was welcomed by many of the football pundits along with the huge fan base of Camp Nou. Therefore, after the end of the season fans will come to know about Lionel Messi’s future with Barcelona for the next season.

Meanwhile, a report from the Sport Bible claims that Gianluca Di Marzio stated about Messi and Mourinho’s communication. As he announced that Jose Mourinho approached Messi’s transfer to Chelsea in 2014.

After returning to Chelsea for the second time in 2013 he won two titles in total before sacking in 2015. In this period he helped them to clinch the English Premier League title along with the League cup for the Stamford Bridge side.

Whereas, Di Marzio’s grand hotel Calciomercato the Italian reporter mentioned the Lionel Messi – Jose Mourinho transfer saga as the “biggest unknown tale in the transfer market.” However, Lionel Messi didn’t join with them but he was desperate to play under Jose Mourinho in 2004.

Spend many sleepless nights for finding ways to stop you

Source: PA

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho while speaking on a video call with Lionel Messi said,  “How you doing, champ? They just told me about your wish: well, you don’t know how many sleepless nights I have had, trying to find a way to stop you.”

Moreover, Jose Mourinho also said that I had made unlimited strategies to stop you. But you are the best at your side and you always destroyed the opponent’s defenders and scores every time. Hence, you are the best full stop.

Consequently, he also surprised everyone with his comment in the end. As he explained how Lionel Messi will develop himself after staying in Barcelona for the entire football career. Also, he will get more respect from everyone if stays with Barca till the end.

Furthermore, Jose Mourinho said that Lionel Messi is very good at his place. Also included that if Lionel Messi will stay in Barcelona forever then Catalan’s side will build his statues at Camp Nou side. Hence, Barcelona is the best place for a player like him.

He said, “However… If one morning you wake up, you have your breakfast at the training ground but the coffee doesn’t taste the same, the sky suddenly turns grey, you don’t like your car anymore, you feel sad on your way home, you’re not happy, your family is not happy, well, in that dark and gloomy moment of your life… then yes, you will have to open the gate of happiness again. And behind that gate, you will find me, Jose Mourinho, waiting for you!”

In conclusion, Di Marzio said that Lionel Messi was ready to go and play under Jose. He also agreed with personal terms and conditions. But his father collapsed this deal and destroyed Lionel Messi’s dreams.

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