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India is football’s next global powerhouse: Arsene Wenger


Trends of football may set fire around the globe, stimulating fans to grow crazy at every score and record, rendering every guy mad after one or other football club, but for India, the name has always caused a cold reaction. This scene has been approximately the same over a span of several decades, despite wild efforts been carried out in the direction. But its toughest contender, cricket is unwilling to spare a space in the country’s heart.In the ambience of this scene, Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal club manager famed for taking England to new advances in football, is expecting India to serve as next footballing powerhouse in times of future. He quotes that European top footballers may get attracted to the nation.


For Wenger’s belief to come into play, the popularity of the game in the land has a fundamental and crucial part to perform.And the truth lies in the fact that the Indian audience is far off that.Cricket has been in rule since that of the colonial period.Decisions are made, plans are implemented and organisations are formed so that India too gets involve in the international arena in football.One of most recent of which was the establishment of Indian Super League.But it failed to make an appreciable progress, though notable players like Alessandro del Piero and Robert Pires have participated in it.

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Reasons behind cricket’s ceaseless popularity over each generation may be it’s rooting deep inside every society from village to towns to cities, a bunch of children holding bats in the background of wickets and estimated boundaries is a usual sight.We need to dig out this and substitute it with football in order to pave way for Wenger’s anticipations.


What is more engaging is that popularity of the game is devastating, proportional to the number of players adept in it, which we have a just handful.”It takes years of culture and work.When you want to be a player, your first aspiration is to play in the best league, against the best players”, confirms the Arsenal manager. How many football stars do we have in India? To declare a few names, Sunil Chhetri, Robin Singh, Baichung Bhutia, Subrata Pal, Gurmeet Singh and we are short.

Yes, north-eastern states find the game appealing and show significant participation. However, overall, it’s depressing to assert, but Wenger’s hopes to come out true in near future, is very much of unlikely in view of the current situation.

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