International cricket began with England vs West Indies test series


First time after the three months International cricket commenced in the United Kingdom in between England vs West Indies.

However, pandemic due to coronavirus threw the whole into the critical conditions. Almost the globe is under the lockdown due to widespread of COVID19. Therefore it brings the stoppage of sports including cricket everywhere in the world.

Recently, the three months of halt for the sports get over today. Because of England hosted the three test-match series along with West Indies in England itself. Therefore, the first test match between these two nations began today.

International Cricket began after three months

Cricket fans might be happy after this decision of scheduling test match series between these two nations. However, cricket stopped since the lockdown started by the government of each and every country.

Moreover, lockdown rules are different in every nation. Although England’s government given permission for starting of cricket. But they have to follow the government rules for commencing cricket in the UK.

Furthermore, both nations decided to schedule the three-match test series. Hence, they will host at Southampton & Old Trafford. As a result, the West Indies team had to travel to the UK for playing this test. Hence, the first test match will take place at Southhampton and England elected to bat first after winning the toss.

Hosting matches is the UK’s right decision or wrong

Nowadays, many countries still under the lockdown but then also England’s government given permission to host cricket matches. However, they had applied the terms and conditions for hosting matches.

Additionally, they restricted to play the matches under Biosecure Bubble. It means they had to take the safety measures of players, coaches, and other team management. It also includes the testing after some periods for the players & all other management.

Along with testing other measures like daily temperature check-ups also included in that. Meanwhile, English bowler Mark wood claimed that bio-secure bubble training was weird and explained it was like the experience of a sci-fi movie.

Henceforth to watch these matches they had differentiated into some sections of testing & green zone. Therefore in the green zone, a small amount of gathering is allowed but under the Covid19 rules of social distancing. Also, these rules are followed all over the player’s dressing room & hotels.

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