Friday, December 3, 2021

IPL: Amit Mishra’s “Ignorant” Act Infuriates The Twitterati As He Salivates The Ball

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Delhi Capitals ace spinner Amit Mishra salivated the ball yesterday against the prescribed rules of IPL. The incident took place during the match between Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad. SRH won the match by 15 runs.


The veteran leg spinner Amit Mishra was bowling to Jonny Bairstow when he used saliva on the ball. More interestingly, he did not inform the umpires about the same as they did not take any initiative to sanitize the ball.

According to the new norms prescribed by ICC, the bowler cannot use saliva or perspiration to shine the ball. This is a very common rule during this pandemic situation and the IPL governing is also following the same.


Right after the incident took place, several spectators lambasted Mishra’s sheer callousness in handling the ball on Twitter. The social media platform was abuzz with posts showing their outrageous reactions.

Clips and pictures of the veteran spinner salivating the ball started circulating Twitter as soon the incident happened. Concerns were also voiced against the umpires who completely ignored the whole incident and continued with the game.


Amit Mishra Delhi Capitals

The whole incident left a number of people absolutely baffled and they made their feelings heard on Twitter. The incident took place during the seventh over of the SRH innings as the bowler was seen licking his palms and applying the saliva on the ball.

The Twitterati jumped onto their keypads and started protesting against the baffling attitude shown by the experienced campaigner. The silence of the umpires on this matter also added fuel to that.

A flurry of messages slammed the player and the umpires for allowing the incident.

The aforementioned tweets evidently show the Twitterati’s outrage over the whole incident. Now it is to be seen whether the IPL authority takes any measures against the player or not.

Sunrisers will play its next match against Chennai Super Kings on 2nd October. SRH has got first points on the table and would like to keep the momentum going by winning the next match. The return of Kane Williamson is also a boost for Hyderabad.


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