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“Its a good fit for both” says Reds manager on Philippe Coutinho transfer.

What Jurgen Klopp told his former player in person on leaving Barcelona for Bayern Munich this summer.

Jurgen Klopp side was always interesting in resigning their former player Philippe Coutinho but after the heavy summer transfers were not in a financial position.

Coutinho instead secures the switch to the Bayern Munich on a season-long loan deal with a clause of making a move permanent at the end of the season.

He has been in the talks of Germany since Bayern Munich announced his arrival on a loan deal.

Amid all this, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp revealed that he suggested Philippe Coutinho that his move to Bayern Munich would be a good fit.

During an interview with a German outlet, Klopp admitted he advised his former player to make the move despite it having a negative impact on his former club, Bundesliga title rivals Borussia Dortmund.

Klopp commented,

Amazing player, we really didn’t want to let him go. Barca forced us financially.

World-class player, really good transfer for Bayern and the Bundesliga. I thought it’s a good fit for both when I first heard about it. It may sound strange, but we didn’t have enough money to get him.

We’d already spent all the money we got for him. I have already told him in person that he and Bayern will be a good fit.

Not so good for Dortmund, I hope Dortmund will win the title again because it’s getting boring with Bayern winning every year. But Dortmund has an amazing team. Other teams like Leverkusen and Gladbach/ Leipzig are also interesting teams and a lot can happen.”

The Brazilian forward is known for his ability to perform on the pitch differently. He has been tipped to turn the German side into Champions League contenders by new team-mate Robert Lewandowski.

Lewandowski said:

He can be the key in important games, especially in the Champions League.

He can give us that something special. [Coutinho’s presence] makes us more unpredictable, which makes us more dangerous.”

Author’s Take:

Coutinho and Ivan Perisic both of whom arrived on Loan this month will be in the squad for the first time as Bayern’s player. Fans have to be patient to see the Brazilian star in action. He has a touch of spectacular. Being an absolute world-class player. It is believed that he can sprinkle some much-needed stardust on the German top flight.

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