Chelsea captain John Terry says Mourinho gets cold over injury of his players


Sternness, unusualness in one’s character may be looked upon as an inconsistency but for the individual, it can be the tool of his action and ambition. We have Jose Mourinho, the club manager renowned as one of the most successful, currently in the charge of Manchester United.
Recently, when John Terry, the accomplished Chelsea captain was questioned of his experience during his short-term experience with Mourinho in Manchester United, he presented intriguing answers. According to him, the Portuguese manager doesn’t show care or concern when a player receives an injury during the training period, and he doesn’t even approach him for a talk. Nor does he trouble himself to quest even when the player fails to attend a day’s training after that mishap, though it is quite intuitive to do so once in such a case. As Terry affirms, “If you picked up a knock and miss a day’s training, he’d come in and he won’t speak to you. He adds further, “He’d walk straight past the treatment table”.
The English Footballer goes on engagingly, “But you’re sitting there as captain of the football club, You come in kind of looking for the high-five from the gaffer”.56bca9702bed7_j-750x400
The Chelsea defender has reportedly played for the Red Devils twice under Mourinho. Terry discloses memory of one occasion, “‘You don’t get it, he blanks you and he says to the physio, while you’re there so he knows what he’s doing, ‘How long?’
‘And the physio would say, ‘couple of days’ and he’d walk away”.Jose-Mourinho-as-Manchester-United-manager-750x393
Mourinho is known for his strong character even outside the arena of the game. He, however, is not yet too hard, as he has also been in the news, not long ago, for his generosity when he said he was fine over his players enjoying trips and refreshment. Well, he has his own way of dealing things and we can’t apparently judge him.



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