Jose Mourinho delivers his opinion on Manchester United’s performance against Barcelona!

The former Manchester United manager wasn’t happy with Solskjaer and his team’s performance.

Manchester United came to Camp Nou hoping for a miracle to rival their 1999 Champions League final victory over Bayern Munich. However, they made some unwanted club history after their 4-0 aggregate defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-final. Barca took a one-goal advantage to Camp Nou after they beat Man Utd 1-0 at Old Trafford last week.

On Tuesday, Barca finished the job at home by cruising past the visitors 3-0 on the strength of two goals from Lionel Messi. The loss was United’s biggest defeat in European competition over two legs. Jose Mourinho, former Manchester United delivered his opinion on United’s performance.

Jose Mourinho has wasted no time in putting the boot in on his Man Utd successor and former players after their Champions League defeat to Barcelona . United were beaten convincingly at the Nou Camp on Tuesday as they recorded their worst ever aggregate defeat in European competition. Mourinho, who was replaced as the club’s boss by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer back in December, slammed United’s performance. “Lots of mistakes, lots of goals with awful defending on the inside foot,” Mourinho told Russia Today. “You look to Coutinho goal, even to Messi goal.”

“I think United’s approach was different. I think in the first game they tried to occupy that central zone because Messi’s position is easy to understand but is not easy to create a cage to control him. Because he comes from the right, then stays in the middle, and then [Ivan] Rakitic defends on the right and allows him to stay in the middle between the lines. It’s very difficult.” Analysing the match further, Mourinho said: ” Manchester United in the first match, zonally, they occupied that central area very well. So when he came into the inside he was finding Fred, he was finding [Scott] McTominay coming to the inside all the time. In this match, maybe because Man United were losing 1-0, they tried to start the game with a different perspective. And then it was [Paul] Pogba wide on the left and McTominay much more on the right and Jesse Lingard playing as a number 10 behind the strikers. And in front of the defensive line was only Fred.”

“And that’s the area where Messi comes and gets the ball and when Messi has the ball. One on one. You are dead.” Mourinho added: ” Barcelona is Barcelona, they are a better team than Manchester United, they have better players than Manchester United. I think it’s normal they won.”

Author’s Take:

Perhaps Jose Mourinho is trying to prove a point that the players aren’t good enough. Jose has his analysis right and accurate . United’s form has improved dramatically since Mourinho’s sacking, but the performance against the Spanish giants was just a flashback of the team performing under Mourinho.

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