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Jurgen Klopp urges supporters to stop homophobic chants


Liverpool easily set past Norwich City on Sunday by 3-0. They were looking very good on the ball and attack wise. Even the Liverpool defense was hardly tested by Norwich City.

The Reds will be very happy with the performance since it was the first match of the season. The Jurgen Klopp side is aiming at finishing better than they did in the last season.

Liverpool were injury laden for the whole season and they crashed from the Champions League pretty early too. They were not even dominant in the Premier League, where they made a third place finish.

However, the Reds are aiming to perform better in the new season with their key players back from injury. But can Liverpool really match the likes of Manchester City, at least in the Premier League? That only time will tell.

Jurgen Klopp urges supporters to stop homophobic chants

Jurgen Klopp wants homophobic chants to stop

Liverpool certainly made the headlines while beating Norwich City at Carrow Road Stadium. But another thing also made the headlines. The away fans were seen shouting homophobic chants towards a Norwich City player.

The shameful incident garnered a lot of attention in the football circles. Few away fans needlessly were seen chanting “Rent Boy” at Billy Gilmour. However, the shameful chant is often directed to Chelsea and their players. Billy Gilmour was similarly targeted for his Chelsea background. The youngster recently made a season long loan move to Norwich City.

However, the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp did not take it lightly, and he lashed out at those supporters in an interview. He said “we can decide now: this is not our song anymore. I’m not sure if people listen to me, but it would be nice. I don’t want to hear it anymore for so many reasons.”

While this is not the only incident that has come to attention from the crowd or supporters. The whole summer has been laden with such incidents. From the Euro 2020 tournament to the pre-season games and now the Premier League, such incidents are constantly under lights.

Racist slurs, homophobic chants and what not is unfortunately hurdled at the players. This certainly needs to stop, at least for the sake of the game itself. Taking the knee will have no significance if the very own fans of the game start behaving like that.

Jurgen Klopp urges supporters to stop homophobic chants

Good news Liverpool

After much frustrating news revolving around the behavior and conduct of the fans, the Reds have very good news coming their way.

Andy Robertson has shared a photo of himself on the training ground. He can be seen running and training. The 27-year-old had sustained what was looking like a horrible injury on his right ankle in a friendly match.

But now the lad is back in training in record time. This news is certainly very good for the club as well as a boost. Though it is not being said as to how much time will it take more for Robertson. But him being back on his feet and running is truly mesmerizing to watch.


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