Juventus Notified About the Conclusion of Preliminary Investigation


The Turin Prosecutor has confirmed that all 16 directors of Juventus are currently getting investigated after being accused of false accounting and false communications to the market.

This accusation is regarding some of their transfers which happened before the 2021-22 seasons. It includes the transfer of Italian winger Federico Chiesa, Spanish striker Alvaro Moarta and US Men’s National team member Weston McKennie.

A statement of the prosecutor’s office stated, “In the opinion of this Office, the evidentiary framework acquired makes it possible to delineate an activity of alteration of the balance sheet items (and therefore of the operating results)”

It further reads, “As a consequence, first of all, of an anomalous recourse to operations of exchange of sports performance rights of a high number of athletes, operations, moreover, on the whole distorting in the national panorama.”

What Happens if the Charges Are Proven True?

Juventus Notified About the Conclusion of Preliminary Investigation

Now Juventus will have 20 days to draw up their statement of defense and submit it. They can also ask the Turin prosecutor to listen to their clients.

Earlier in April, the Bianconeri and 10 more clubs were given clearance from the accusation of inflating transfer fees to boost their capital income. But now if the prosecutor gets more evidence they will charge Juventus for the same again.

Then if the charges get proven, UEFA will start a case of their own case against Bianconeri. This will possibly huge fines and even bans for multiple windows.

Juventus Can Go Further Down

Juventus are currently going through a bad financial phase. On top of that, their performances in the sporting sector have also dropped hugely.

They have not even made the top three in their last two seasons. And now this time around Juventus have got an even worse start.

The Bianconeri have won only five of their first eleven matches. With nineteen points they are currently in the eighth position in the Serie-A table.

Their performances in the European competition have been even poor. The Bianconeri lost three of their first four matches in the UEFA Champions League. This is officially their worst start in the tournament.

To put more context into it, Juventus have lost against Israeli club Maccabi Haifa in their last match at the UCL. They are on the verge of getting knocked out from the group stage. This is a huge setback for Juventus financially. And now if we see them getting banned, the Serie-A giant might never recover.

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