Juventus player accuses teammate of provoking fans after racial abuse

When Juventus went away to Cagliari, youngster Moise Kean was subject to racist jeers by the home fans but Bonucci says the fans are not fully resposible.

A week after English stars were racially abused in Montenegro, Moise Kean was subject to racist abuse Tuesday during a Serie A match. The teenage sensation, born to Ivorian parents, had to endure monkey chants from a section of the Cagliari supporters. And after scoring late in the game, Kean held his arms aloft in front of the home fans in response. But it only seemed to intensify the jeers and taunts.

Moise Kean decided to respond to racial abuse by holding his arms aloft in front of the Cagliari fans after scoring.
Photo: The Independent

“The blame is 50-50”

Leonardo Bonucci has since come out and criticised the youngster for his celebrations. The veteran Italian suggested that Kean’s actions very provocative. “Moise should not have done that and the Curva [where generally the ultras are seated] should not have reacted in that way,” the defender told Sky Sports Italia.“Kean knows that when goals are scored he just has to think about cheering with the team. It was an episode and even he knows he could have done something different.”

Even Allegri seemed unimpressed by how the youngster decided to respond.“He shouldn’t have celebrated in that manner,” said Allegri, according to the club’s official website.“He is a young man and he has to learn, but certain things from the crowd also shouldn’t be heard.”

Sterling stands by the Juventus youngster

Raheem Sterling has mocked Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci’s suggestion that Moise Kean was 50 per cent to blame for the racist chants. The Manchester City attacker has been very vocal on this issue. He has called for strict actions against people resorting to racism. Sterling posted a message on Instagram saying “all you can do now is laugh” at Bonucci’s assertion.

Author’s Take

Leonardo Bonucci’s assessment of the situation has enraged many people and rightly so. There have been a lot of instances where black footballers in Serie A have been on the receiving end of racism. Kalidou Koulibaly, Mario Balotelli and Antonio Rudiger have spoken condemning racism in Italian football. Historian and nationalism researcher Dr Andrea Mammone believes racism is prevalent in Italy because of the current political regime. “This is because the political climate in Italy is fundamentally supportive of hostility towards migrants,” he said.  

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