Klopp names threats to watch out for the Liverpool – Chelsea clash

The defending champions Liverpool face Chelsea this weekend. Both teams are looking forward to make a statement on their stance in PL.

The games between Chelsea and Liverpool have always been great to watch. Last season also we saw the clubs clash on the field rigorously. Chelsea did even pose a threat to end their winning streak. But Liverpool was able to dominate the Blues at the end of the game.

The Reds will face the Blues this weekend on the second matchday of this season. Prior to the game Liverpool gaffer, Jurgen Klopp did name players who will pose threat to them. Klopp understands that the whole Chelsea lineup will be strong. But the German coach did name three players in particular.

“There’s plenty of threats, they’ve signed really well and already had an unbelievably good team”.– Jurgen Klopp to SkySports.

Klopp names three Chelsea stars to worry about in Liverpool's next game.
Klopp names three Chelsea stars to worry about in Liverpool’s next game.

Christian Pulisic, Mason Mount, and new arrival Kai Havertz was the three Klopp names. The Reds did understand how Pulisic can ruffle their defense last season. When the American was able to swish through to provide a score for the Blues. Pulisic was out for their first game due to some discomfort. But Chelsea hopes to see him play in the game against Liverpool.

Mason Mount and Kavertz also look as genuine threats against Liverpool. Mount has been Lampard’s favorite pick the whole last season. He was seen on the lineup in the first game as well, after doubts of his role with Havertz’s arrival. Havertz too falls in Klopp’s watchlist despite the German’s silent debut. But a fact to note is that Klopp chose not to name Timo Werner. It may be to avoid questions on the striker after Liverpool were linked to him prior to Chelsea making the swoop.

The clubs had a good start

Mount and Havertz may give a tough time for Liverpool.
Mount and Havertz may give a tough time for Liverpool.

Both clubs had a great start with them winning their first games. Liverpool had a hard time though facing Leeds United. With the rivals posing an imminent threat the whole game. If not for Salah’s penalties Leeds would’ve started the season defeating the titleholders.

The Blues also won after a tough clash, beating Brighton 3-1. After spending nearly a quarter-billion on the market Chelsea has high expectations. They did show a lack of sync in their first game. But with some new arrivals and less time on the training ground, it can’t be great from the start.

Liverpool on the other hand has not made many new signings. Thiago Alcantara is the one big name that is likely to arrive in the coming days. Aside from that Liverpool did not make any great advancements. The supporters were at unease due to this as well. But Klopp seems to be confident with his present squad.

The Reds have a huge task ahead to hold onto their title. After winning the league with 99 points, and 18 points ahead of Manchester City. Klopp and co will look to keep their bars high. But the lack of fresh recruits may affect their plans for the season as well.

Chelsea is in good shape

Chelsea will see more new signing make their debut on Sunday.
Chelsea will see more new signing make their debut on Sunday.

Frank Lampard’s side is confident for the game on Sunday at Stamford Bridge. Liverpool is not an easy opponent, but the transfer window saw Chelsea reinforce their squad. Last season Lampard’s side was able to give the reds a hard game. The match was not in their favor in the end. But they are a stronger side this term with all the new arrivals.

Jurgen Klopp also understands that claiming that it is not any individual that they must fear. But Chelsea, the club as a whole is an imminent threat. Also, Chelsea will be adding some more stars in their lineup who were absent in the first matchday. This will further make things tough for Klopp’s squad.

Though the chances of Christian Pulisic appearing is low. Ben Chilwell and Thiago Silva are likely to play their debut game. The duo has been in training and are in good shape for the game. Werner will also be the central forward despite minor injury concerns. Frank Lampard and co will be putting in all their efforts in the game. For, the result will determine their stance as a title competitor this term.

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