La Liga vs EPL – Which is Better?



EPL vs La Liga is a bigger rivalry than any other sports league in the world. Passionate football fans on both sides often argue and try to analyse which league is better in terms of competition and quality of football. In fact, now, it has almost turned into something on the lines of the India-Pakistan rivalry.

However, when you closely sit and logically try to analyse the cons and pros of both leagues with facts and examples, you will realise that EPL is a lot more competitive and here’s a list 5 points that will explain why:

  1. EPL has increased competition

Anybody who has been following the EPL closely for the last few years, will know that if you compare the games last season, or for that matter the last decade, you will find that the EPL has a much closer competition among its teams. Actually the last season would possibly be the best example as teams like Manchester United and Chelsea lost to a lot of lower teams, and the winner of the EPL was Leicester City – the surprising dark horse. Take a look at the winners of the last four seasons –

2012–13 Manchester United
2013–14 Manchester City
2014–15 Chelsea
2015–16 Leicester City
2011–12 Real Madrid
2012–13 Barcelona
2013–14 Atlético Madrid
2014–15 Barcelona
2015–16 Barcelona

And now, look at the winners of the La Liga for the last 5 seasons –

2011–12 Real Madrid
2012–13 Barcelona
2013–14 Atlético Madrid
2014–15 Barcelona
2015–16 Barcelona

There’s a joke which states that La Liga is only between Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. That is true to an extent because La Liga viewership surges only when either of these 3 teams are playing, especially during the Madrid derby or El Clasico. The last time a team won the La Liga which wasn’t Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid or Barcelona was in the 2003-04 season which was won by Valencia.

  1. EPL more popular and has better attendance

EPL attendance and viewership comes second only to the German Bundesliga. Premier league average attendance per match is around 37,000 while in Spain average attendance is mere 26,000. Even a bottom of the league clash is sold out more often in premier league while in Spain away stands are mostly empty apart from Real Madrid/Barcelona home matches.ilkni

3. More transfer activity in the EPL

While most Spanish clubs aside from Barcelona and Real Madrid prefer to play with home-grown talents from the youth academies, the English clubs sing a different tune. The transfer market activities are as interesting as the matches itself, and this suspense tends to draw more attention towards the EPL. For example, the recent rumours of Zlatan Ibrahimovich to Manchester United has had the majority of attention when it comes to football news lately

4. EPL has better talent distribution

This may lead to a lot of arguments, but top talent in the La Liga is concentrated more towards the top 2 teams, with the occasional star or two in one of the other 2 or 3 clubs, thus its not surprising when Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid or Barcelona win the title. But in the EPL, the top players are all scattered among the top 6 to 8 teams, making it a more well-rounded competition. Also, top Premier League players have almost always done well in the La Liga, whereas La Liga players find it difficult to adjust to the EPL. Case in point, Radamel Falcao.

5. Diverse football styles

The EPL offers so many different styles of football. Arsenal plays free flowing one touch football which has even impressed Pep Guardiola. Tottenham plays strong defensive football while the LVG-led Manchester United relied heavily on possession-based defensive football. You have Chelsea who tend to alter their game with every opposition, they can park the bus against better teams to get results and dominate other teams. West Ham and Stoke City try to take the long ball approach, whereas Southampton and Everton have improved over the last few years giving Premier league fans something new and different every week.

So, that concludes my list. What do you think?




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