Lampard hopes to get fans support but it depends on government rules

Lampard hopes to get fans support but it depends on government rules

Chelsea’s manager, Frank Lampard has expecting to get fans coming back to the stadium for watching live matches but it depends on government rule.

Due to the Pandemic, the schedule decided for the Premier League of all matches is changed. Hence the expectations of fans of football this season to attend to see live matches in the stadium have not fulfilled.

In the history of the Premier League over so many years, it is the first time the audience can not see live matches. Also can’t even support their favorite team just because of the coronavirus increasing day by day in Britain.

Therefore, the Government decided to take advantage of the Television Network. When we see all matches on Television it is an easier way to stop spreading the coronavirus. So Government moving toward this and broadcasting matches on television channels with zero attendance at the stadium. 

Frank Lampard has not been fully agreed with the decision of the government. He tried to convince the government to listen to the football committee members because they need an audience. He also questioned on pay-per-view decision of the government.

Because In this season of the Premier League, Every round of the match will be broadcasted live on Sky Sports, BT, Amazon, and BBC. The audience will be able to watch when they pay £14.95. This is not a free service for supporters.

Out of 380 matches, only 200 matches are Rented out. Premier League already generating 5 billion pounds domestically in 2019-2022. The agreement of pay-per-view will start with the match, Chelsea against Southampton in October. 

Lampard trying to find a way to get supporters back in the stadium

Lampard hopes to get fans support but it depends on government rules

Due to a spike in the coronavirus infection, the premier league board starts the pay-per-view system. But Chelsea’s Manager Frank Lampard wants his supporters. He wanted them back to the stadium.

In Britain, the Coronavirus infection increase rapidly. In this situation, the government decided to take the third lockdown. The audience makes sure to warn about the virus and take care properly. The Routine of all generations changes completely due to this pandemic.

Frank Lampard believes that football as it’s an entity. All audiences missed cheering for their favorite team. We all know about the stadium which we have, So apparently, it can be control, he said.

The English Premier League is one of the world’s best league. This is the best league only because of Fans. And that can be turned up every single week.

Afterward, Chelsea’s Lion Lampard said that they try to find a solution that fans will interact with the team members. If they try to convince the government honestly then they want to see their audiences back into the stadium, he added.

And Lastly, he concluded that fans will help the game of every single match in the premier leagues. They help the game economically as well as the increasing the level of confidence by their presence in the stadium.

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