Legendary Coaches makes Massive statements about Antoine Griezmann

Legendary Coaches makes Massive statements about Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann

Legendary Football Managers have their say on FC Barcelona’s new signing Antoine Griezmann.

The signing of Antoine Griezmann by FC Barcelona aroused a number of reactions in the world of football. The prestigious France Football wanted to check what opinion several coaches have about Antoine Griezmann.

Gerard Houllier, Arrigo Sacchi, Omar Hitzfeld and Roberto Donadoni spoke about the new Barça player in statements to the French magazine.

Houllier said that “He is much better and much stronger than people think” and added that “He knows how to do everything. All clubs would like to have him. Above all, he is a team player: better, a team star. You can always count on him. Obviously, we can not compare him with Messi and Ronaldo, who are on another planet. But I would put him right behind these two. “

Antoine Griezmann

Another legendary coach, Arrigo Sacchi, defined him as: “As a coach I would always have him in my team. There are players who are more famous than him, but I would not have chosen them. I always thought that the team as an entity was stronger than the individual. And so I could not afford to have players who only played for themselves. I repeat, he is a great player. He thinks that the team and the game are the most important. For many, his signing for Barça is a reward for his talent. “

Hitzfield, a former Bayern coach, said about Antoine that “he is a less media player than Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar, but no less effective and valuable in the field, either in his club or in the national team.”

Finally, Donadoni ventured to predict that “in Barça, will be in an even better context, surrounded by quality players.”

Griezmann was officially presented as a Barça player and was available to get started working under Ernesto Valverde from today. This brings an end to Griezmann’s long stay at Atletico and he becomes one of Barça’s star signings this summer.12 months ago, Griezmann felt the right decision was to remain in Madrid. However, this time is completely different and he told Atletico of his intention to leave back in May.

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