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5 Manchester United Players that are being underutilized

United has always been in the right side of Manchester making monstrous steps in the past 2 decades to manifest intent with action and attraction on the field, for the past 3-4 seasons though, malice has overpowered the Might that has depleted the material to implode drastically. There is serious talent on display in this squad but Mourinho endorses his personnel and personality which is firm to his ideology but furnace on the position of a player.

Here is a list of Manchester United players in the current squad who are being underutilized:



1.Ander Herrera:

Herrera won hearts last season especially in the Europa League where he showed he can honor the belief of the manager by mopping up the field in the middle and provide cover to a fragile defense, this season with the arrival of Matic, he has quickly deemed as out of favor washing away all his heroic deeds last season. His form has also been affected with the lack of belief instilled by the manager, the curbed role given to him hides his subtle skills and testing technique which restricts his evolution as a player, passion for the club is well endorsed but with obstruction in opportunities, you can expect the hustle to hinder in Herrera.


2. Juan Mata:

Mata’s magic came in that 2011-12 campaign where his magnificence helped Chelsea gain respectability in a below-par domestic season and turned rebellion into elation in Europe. At United, he hasn’t been given a consistent run to play regularly in that no 10 role, especially by Mourinho, who has never been a fan of this little magician. With Mkhitaryan slowing down, Mata can be given more room and space to work within the middle of the park instead he has been usually wandered in the wide areas to mechanized a move which restricts his movement.



3. Luke Shaw:

Shaw has received savage treatment from Mourinho where he has put substance before sympathy in this scenario. Of course, Shaw has delayed the process of regaining the appetite to achieve fitness but that horrific injury against PSV in 2015 has left mental scars which should’ve been dealt with sensibility rather than sternness. Mourinho can give him more game-time in low profile cup matches to manufacture some intent from a hesitant mindset.

Luke shaw


4. Axel Tuanzebe:

Axel is United’s youth academy product and has been waiting in the wings for quite a while now, he earned acolytes in the form of Jimmy Murphy Young players of the year award and was the first first-year scholar to captain the under 18 side since Gary Neville. His performance against Swansea in the Carabao Cup was eye-catching and he can fill in time to time for aging Young and Valencia as Darmian and Blind have failed to cash in on their chances.



5. Anthony Martial:

Tony from the bench has been terrific and that has raised more eyebrows on his game time handed by Mourinho, to be honest, he has been inconsistent when he has got the starts but he hasn’t got freedom in those games to gallop forward with glory. Martial is a dribbler who can destroy defenders with the design of his runs which can work from both inside and outside, a meticulous manager asking his tenacious talent to track back and provide cover to the fullback doesn’t sit well with the force.



Author’s Take

Manchester United is once again fading away in the most crucial phase of the season where the fixtures pile up in a hurry resulting in heavy work-load increasing casualties and creating fury. Painted players are at a premium in the Premier League and although the talent mentioned does not fit in the ‘World Class’ category but some of them have that experience, guile, and understanding of the game to both prescribe and preserve the quality around them.

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